21 day fix containers for sale

Looking for 21 Day Fix containers for sale?

Whether you’re looking for JUST the 21 Day Fix containers for sale or the whole 21 Day Fix kit & caboodle, you can find them right here.  Don’t waste time or money on cheap imitation knock-offs or shoddy used containers. Order HERE and you’ll get the official Team Beachbody guarantee. Click here to pay just $17.85 for Fix Containers

If you’re simply looking for an extra set on hand, you can’t beat the price! If, however, you’re looking for the 21 Day Fix containers for sale WITHOUT already having the actual nutrition guide, I’ve got to warn you that not everything you read on the internet about the program is true. 


In order to get the absolute BEST results with 21 Day Fix, I highly recommend that you get the complete Kit.  I’ve seen LOTS of discrepancies & incomplete information when it comes to the 21 Day Fix meal plan all over the web.

If you want to do the program RIGHT, get the complete 21 Day Fix kit. Crib/cliff notes might work in a book exam setting but not in the real-world of weight loss. Need some more info on the program before you buy? Check out this no BS video going over what you can expect with the program. 

21-day-fix-containers-for-saleHow does the 21 Day Fix container system work?

Simply & effectively! There’s no counting carbs, calories or points. You portion out your foods using the color-coded containers. Based on your starting weight, you’re assigned a certain number of containers per day. You can divide them up however you like.  For a complete primer on how the 21 Day Fix container system works, click HERE

What kind of results can I get from 21 Day Fix?

As with all diet & exercise programs, results may vary because EVERY BODY is different. I was incredibly pleased with my 21 Day Fix results. In one round, I lost fifteen pounds and 16 inches (6 from my waist alone!). Order it the legit way (not through some Japanese DVD burning factory) and you’ll get a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. So if you’re not thrilled with your results, you can return it for a full refund (less shipping). 

What are the 21 Day Fix workouts like?

Challenging but FUN! You’ll do a mix of workouts, combining light weight strength training with cardio moves as well as a couple of active recovery days with Pilates & Yoga. Each workout features LOW IMPACT modifications for every single move. Best part- they’re all just 30 minutes long (perfect for those with a crazy busy schedule).

Alright, I’m sold! How do I buy 21 Day Fix?

I’m glad you asked! Click on one of the package options below to get your complete 21 Day Fix Kit. I personally recommend the Challenge Pack– it’s the best value. You’ll get one of your meals all SET for thirty days (making meal planning even easier).



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