I did it! I focused on completely clean (well, full disclosure 95% completely clean- there were some treats in there- don’t judge!) for 21 days with Extreme and…drumroll please ~ here are my final 21 Day Fix Extreme results. 

Pounds Lost: 13

Total Inches Lost: 12.5

Waist Inches Lost: 5

Hips Inches Lost: 2

Thighs Inches Lost: 2

Arms Inches Lost: 1.5

Chest Inches Lost: 2

All in just three freakin’ weeks! Better still, I look & FEEL so much better and was SHOCKED at how I never once felt hungry. Check out my before and after pictures below!


View from the front

All these changes while eating 7-8 times per day. I’m not gonna lie- Countdown to Competition plan takes focus & commitment but you’re NEVER going to struggle with hunger as an issue as you’re eating frequently AND enjoying nutrient dense, filling foods.

21 Day Fix Extreme Results- side view

View from the side

Another bonus: you won’t be sweating away for hours on a treadmill. I achieved these results with challenging & fun workouts that last just 30 minutes per day. That’s it! I didn’t supplement with any additional strength training or cardio sessions. I was in our garage gym and out in just half an hour so I could focus on our family and my home-based coaching business.

21 Day Fix Extreme abs results

No more muffin top

THIS was the sweetest reward for me. When I start gaining weight back, it immediately packs on my waist. Weeks of bad choices wind up appearing in the form of a muffin top. I noticed a difference in just the first few days in. Already, my pants were feeling more comfortable and that stupid muffin top was disappearing. One round and 3 weeks later and BAM, some ab definition (the Holy Grail of my fitness goals).

I may never be able to actually achieve a six-pack (nor am I sure I even want to), but seeing that line and a smaller waist was worth saying no to a bevy of bad choices that surrounded me as a Mom to 4 carb-loving kiddos. Vegan Chocolate Shakeology made it much easier for me to stay on track & focused with the nutrition plan. I had a quick & easy blend and go lean protein option (yay for convenience!) AND a way to satisfy my sweets/chocolate craving each and every day.

I know, I know- Countdown to Competition plan and living on mostly cod & asparagus, chicken & steamed broccoli, shots of coconut oil and the occasional sweet potato most days is not EASY. But knowing that it was just 21 days (and believe me, they fly by) and being able to relax a little bit with fruit, carbs & more healthy fats twice a week made it a bit easier. Key part of this program will be taking about 30-45 minutes twice a week to prep a bunch of Countdown day meals. Plus side is you won’t need gourmet skills to bake lean proteins & steam veggies. It’s very simple meal prep.

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