Chill. There I said it. If you’re one of the many who are doing 21 Day Fix (or any other diet program for that matter) and are stressing & obsessing over calories, cut yourself some slack.

Do calories matter? Yes. But after having lost 100 pounds and working to keep it off for 10 years now, I’ve come to the conclusions that:

(1) Quality trumps quantity – eat good quality food & you can safely consume more calories than you would on a diet consisting of low-calorie, nutrient poor foods; and

(2) You’re not going to keep weight off starving yourself so STOP the madness of thinking you should be eating 900-1200 calories a day to lose weight- ESPECIALLY when you’re just starting out and have a LOT of weight to lose.

It’s troubling to keep getting the same question time and again from those new to 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme, scared to actually eat in their bracket range. “How can I lose weight eating all that food???” It’s simple really- let me break it down for you in this video…

Know your portion sizes and strive to eat SMART (I’m talking nutrient-dense, whole foods here) 80% of the time and you will see progress. Better yet, you’ll be more equipped to not only lose the weight but KEEP it off without losing your mind. You can’t find lasting weight loss with a diet- it truly has to be a lifestyle change (one that you can stick with without feeling chronically resentful & deprived). Capeche???

And if you’re reading this and are intrigued at the prospect of losing weight without living on rice cakes & salad & obsessing over every.single.calorie~ I’ve got good news. All 21 Day Fix challenge packs are on sale this month- check ’em out HERE. No need to count calories, carbs or points. How cool is that????

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