Sign of a healthy kitchen

See this pile of clean pots & pans? It is a day’s worth of cooking healthy home goodness.  In my now 8+ years of maintaining a 90 pound weight loss, I’ve found that the absolute best tools you can have at your disposal for weight loss are pots, pans and other cooking accoutrements.  Bar none.  Don’t let big companies fool you. It’s not the 100 calorie snack packs, “healthy” frozen meals or other packaged crap sporting misleading & deceptive language like “fat free,” “sugar free,” “gluten free,” “low calorie” or whatever the latest diet trend is popular at the moment, that will best help you lose weight, get fit and, more importantly, KEEP fit.  It’s not the “lighter fare” you find in many restaurant chains.  It’s you standing up for your own self and taking primary responsibility for what you are eating.

Don’t give me that BS about not having enough time to prepare your own meals (unless you’re working 3 jobs and literally waking up, showering, driving to work, heading home at sunset or beyond and falling into your bed right away).  I’m not buying it.  There are TON of meals out there that don’t require a lot of time to make OR the culinary expertise of Julia Childs.   How much time are you spending in the drive-thru lane waiting for  your burger and fries? How much time are you sitting in front of your TV, computer or game console? How much time are you fiddling around on your phone playing Candy Crush?

Go on now. Get cooking!



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