Home workouts rock!

Home workouts rock!

Most of us have been guilty of what has become one of my biggest pet peeves as a personal trainer and Beachbody Coach (myself included)- and that is to pose one of the following questions to a fit-minded friend or pop it into the query bar on their search engine of choice:

  • What’s the best workout to lose weight?
  • What’s the best workout to burn fat?
  • What’s the best workout to get rid of my flabby arms?
  • What’s the best workout to get a six-pack?
  • What’s the best workout to make my thighs stop jiggling?
  • What’s the best workout to make my ass/hips/legs/arms look like [insert name of celebrity here]?

In most cases, the questions are either preceded or followed up with some pretty harsh & self-directed criticism (i.e. “I hate my chubby thighs” or “I feel so fat” or “I’d do anything to look good naked”).  I cringe when someone criticizes their bodies so mercilessly or when they’re striving for some warped level of physical perfection. 

Newflash #1: Perfection doesn’t exist.   Those perfect looking bods you see all posed & pretty on magazine covers are heavily photoshopped, retouched and airbrushed.  Yep, read all about it here.

Newsflash #2: We just can’t pick & choose & magically spot reduce with certain exercises. You just can’t. You’ll do better eating clean and just picking a workout routine you enjoy doing- inches will come off. 

In losing 100 pounds and watching the scale go down (and up again and down again) over the past 8 years, I can tell you with certainty the human body has a mind of its own and it’s impossible to predict exactly how you’ll wind up looking even after you hit a certain number on the scale you’ve been shooting for.  I didn’t do a bit of exercise when I first hit my original goal weight of 150 8 years ago- and I can tell you 150 lb. exercising me looked a LOT different when the clothes were off than 150 lb. non-exercising me.  Some areas you’ll notice more improvement than others but all around you’ll look and feel better when you eat smarter & incorporate exercise into your life. No matter what program I wind up doing, my big booty is here, my thighs still jiggle and I will likely always have matronly arms thanks to the excess skin from my weight loss. And I’m okay with that.

No matter what goal you have in mind, the best exercise for you to achieve that goal will be the exercise that you ENJOY doing.  It will be something you can see yourself (happily!) doing not just 30 days down the road, but YEARS down the road.  How will you know when you find it?  Oh, trust me you’ll know.  You’ll be grinning from ear to ear (maybe not in the first 10 minutes of the session, but at some point you’ll be sporting a smile).   No matter what your “soulmate” workout (or workouts- I have more than a few favorites in my collection) you choose, you’ll need to eat smart throughout.  Trust me on this one peeps- you CANNOT out-exercise a bad diet.  I don’t care if you’re doing a gazillion crunches each day- you will never uncover a six pack set of abs if you’re eating poorly.

Off my soapbox now.  If you’d like some help finding a soulmate workout you can do at home on your own schedule, as always contact me at coachpetrina@yahoo.com.  Better yet- sign up for free fitness coaching from me here.

Now go get your sweat on.  😎

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