Blue Apron vs Plated

Blue Apron or Plated- Which subscription meal plan service should you choose?

(Note from Petrina: In this blog post, I’ve let a dear friend & client, Heather M., share her experiences with both Blue Apron and Plated.  Heather is a busy professional in NYC who wanted to simplify healthy meal prep & decided to give both of these subscription meal services a try.  Here are her candid reviews of Blue Apron and Plated.  Enjoy!)

Having tested both  Blue Apron vs. Plated,  here’s my review of both meal/recipe delivery subscription services.

Each sends a weekly delivery consisting of a set number of meals, a recipe card for each meal and the corresponding ingredients. All that is required from your own pantry is salt, pepper and olive oil.

Blue Apron Breakdown

Blue Apron Meal: Maple-Glazed Turkey Breast with Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans & Maitake Mushrooms

Blue Apron Meal: Maple-Glazed Turekey Breast with Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans & Maitake MushroomsBlue Apron breakdown

Blue Apron lets you select whether or not you like seafood, shellfish, lamb, red meat, pork and poultry, and based on those preferences, selects 3 meals to ship.

Blue Apron is geared toward new and inexperienced cooks with very specific recipe directions. The cooking time takes longer. I liked everything I made with one exception (tilapia). There are some labor intensive aspects – I made my own pickles to go on the Cuban Sandwich, and wondered whether fingerling potatoes really need to be sliced?  They also tend to repeat ingredients.  After enduring two weeks in a row of collard greens and green tomatoes, it certainly seemed as if both had been forced into recipes as a means to unload excess inventory.

Blue Apron Pricing:

$59.94 per week for 2 people (6 meals total) or $119.88 per week for 4 people (12 meals total)

Plated Breakdown

Plated Meal: Butternut Squash Mac N' Cheese with Kale

Plated Meal: Butternut Squash Mac N’ Cheese with Kale

Plated offers more options in that you can opt for no added gluten, no dairy, no pork, no seafood/shellfish, no red meat, vegetarian, or no pasta. They have 7 different recipes each week from which YOU get to pick.

Plated meals are easier to prepare. They send regular recipes without beginner instructions. They have a broader variety. Plated was originally $2 more per plate and charged a monthly fee, but I believe they are doing away with the fees.

Plated Pricing:

$15 per plate a la carte with a two plate minimum per order (monthly members pay $12 per plate)

The Verdict:

In the end, I prefer Plated for the options and the ease. Occasionally, the portions are small and might require adding a salad or a vegetable side. I am told that the portions are not enough for the average adult male.

But for me, it’s ideal. I cook my own meals with fresh ingredients. I throw far less food away because they only send the ingredients required. And I finally broke the NYC hard wired habit of ordering in. 

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