Body Beast Workout: It’s NOT just for dudes!

Body Beast Workout

Don’t worry! You won’t look like a man when you Beast up.

Summer’s here and I’m wanting some sculpted muscles.  Even though I already know that strength training is not something to be feared or shunned just because I’m a woman and that I won’t wind up looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger when I lift heavy weights, I still thought the  Body Beast workout was best left to men.  After all, it was HEAVILY marketed to the young male demographic and there are ZERO female cast members in any of the Body Beast workout videos.  My mind changed after seeing some great results from other women who opted to tackle the Body Beast workout.

Since I like a little variety and wanted to add more intensive cardio to the mix, I decided to craft my own  hybrid of the Body Beast workout and the Insanity workout.  I created a 9 week program using the Body Beast workout Lean schedule as a base and including 2-3 Insanity workouts each week.  I shifted the schedule to make every Sunday a Rest Day (though I may wind up doing a long run if I find a fall half marathon to run in), removed double body part workouts each week and made sure that I wouldn’t have to tackle Body Beast Legs and Insanity on the same day.  I’ve done the Body Beast Legs workout with my husband and I know how intense it can be just on its own. I couldn’t picture being able to do a gazillion Diamond Jumps after working my legs Body Beast style.  Nope. Not a chance.

Interestingly enough, Beachbody itself was floored by how many women wound up doing the program anyway. They’ve created a new infomercial for Body Beast created specifically for females.  Pretty cool, eh? Check it out below…

Want to tackle this intense hybrid Body Beast workout/Insanity workout hybrid program yourself?  Always get the green light from your doctor before beginning ANY new diet or exercise program.  I wouldn’t recommend doing this type of program without a good baseline level of fitness already. You risk getting burned out at the very least and injured at the very worst.

Need the Body Beast workout program to do this hybrid? Click here to order Body Beast

Need the Insanity workout program to do this hybrid? Click here to order Insanity

Check out my pretty Insane results from just one round of Insanity.  I’m excited to see what will happen pairing the Insanity workout with the Body Beast workout program.

Alright, enough chatter- here’s my Body Beast workout/Insanity workout hybrid program.  Enjoy (and I say that with a certain level of sarcasm as you’re gonna have a love/hate relationship with Sagi & Shaun T while doing this)!

Body Beast workout/Insanity workout hybrid

Here’s all the details on why I created this hybrid program.

Wondering which nutrition plan I’m going to follow while doing this Body Beast workout/Insanity workout hybrid program?  I’ve opted to continue following the 21 Day Fix meal plan. I love it. I’m going to make some modifications and add an additional serving of red (protein) and yellow (carbs) – and may wind up adding more servings in given my energy levels- I’m a firm believer in listening to your body.  I’m also going to allow myself my favorite protein bar each day (these are a no-no when strictly following 21 Day Fix rules).

And there you have it!  Have you ever tackled a hybrid program? If so, which did you try and what kind of results did you get? I’d love to hear about it!

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