Shaun T.’s CIZE workout is finally HERE!

And it is gooooood stuff. If you hate to workout, but love to dance, this workout program is for you.

If you’re new to fitness & working out, this program is for you.

If you fell in love with Shaun T. while doing Hip Hop Abs, this program is for you.

If, like me, you have two left feet and could use some detailed, easy to follow lessons on how to impress your friends with your dance moves at a club, CIZE is for you.

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CIZE really is for EVERY body~ music is the international language and you’ll learn how to speak it fluently with your body in just four short weeks. If you don’t, you’ll get your money back. 😉

Want to see what you get, what you need and what you’ll eat when you commit to CIZE? Check out the video below….

How does CIZE work?

You’ll get six different dance routines to learn over a month (and a bonus abs workout if you order through a Coach). Shaun T. breaks down each move sequentially. Even if you think you’ll get confused by choreography, you’ll be surprised at how fun (and yes, even fairly easy!) it is to master the dance moves.

The real magic happens when you pair the CIZE workouts with the Eat Up! guide- which is based on 21 Day Fix guidelines (and, in case you’re wondering, no you don’t need 21 Day Fix containers to follow along- measurements are given).

Finish the program and you’ll not only have bragging rights, you’ll also earn a pair of CIZE It Up! socks, a trimmer waistline AND the ability to WOW your friends on the dance floor.

How do I buy CIZE?

That’s easy! For the best deal, pair CIZE up with a month’s supply of Shakeology. You’ll save over $90 if you order before end of AugustClick HERE to get CIZE & Shakeology

Eager to get noticeable results in just the first week? Get the Kickstart Challenge Pack- it comes with CIZE, Shakeology and the 3 Day Refresh program.Click HERE to get the CIZE Kickstart pack


Budget super tight? Get the Base Kit for just $59.85.Click here for the CIZE Base Kit

Want more variety in your workouts? Order the Deluxe Kit for $119.85.Click here for the CIZE Deluxe Kit

Any other questions?

Sound off in the comments. I’m here to help!


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