Are you a Cardio Queen? Have you never once picked up a dumbbell, barbell or kettlebell? Are you afraid that strength training will make you look like a man?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, I’m gonna have to go all caps on you…


Strength training has been a GAME CHANGER for me. It’s made keeping the weight off easier (hellooooo….muscle burns fat!). It’s been proven to build stronger bones, decrease blood pressure & stress level hormones, reduce your risk of injury, back pain, arthritis, diabetes & heart disease – and let’s be honest- building lean muscle will make you look better naked. And who doesn’t want to look better naked?

Not sure where or  how to start? If you’ve got the money to spend, I’d recommend working with a personal trainer. Get recommendations from friends and set up an appointment. Working with a trainer will insure you’re learning the “ropes” of strength training from a professional who can best instruct you on proper form.

If you can’t afford a personal trainer, invest in a good home workout program that’ll take you through a 60-90 day periodization program. And yes, you guessed it- Beachbody has made a few (and I’ve done them all).

Short on time? Need your workouts short and, not sweet, but sweaty? Check out P90X3.   X3 features workouts that are 30 minutes each.

If time isn’t a factor, I’d recommend either Body Beast, P90X or ChaLean Extreme.

If you’re completely NEW to working out or it’s been awhile, I’d recommend P90.

Want a short introduction to strength training with light weights & mixed with cardio? Check out 21 Day Fix (best for beginners) or 21 Day Fix Extreme (for intermediate/advanced exercisers).

No matter which option you choose, master the form FIRST before loading up with weights. Use a mirror or even your smartphone camera to make sure you’ve mastered the form BEFORE adding weights into the mix.

Wondering which dumbbells you should invest in? Check out this video guide before you head out shopping.

Strength training can be intimidating when you’re first starting out. But it’s sure to make you look & feel stronger. I love what lifting has done for me.

Got questions about any of these programs? Email me at I’d be happy to help you choose the one BEST for your individual situation and goals.

Do you lift? What are your favorite workouts? Sound off in the comments below!

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