A familiar question popped up in my inbox recently. It’s about time I answered this one publicly. If you’re just starting out and are scared as the f-bomb of working out, pay attention! If you’ve ever wondered whether you need to workout in order to lose weight, read on.

Brutally honest answer (and one that’s bound to tick a few fitness fanatics off): NO. If weight loss is your main goal, you do NOT have to start religiously exercising to lose weight. Now before you get your booty shorts in a twist, hear me out in this video.

Nutrition is the KEY. If you can get that under control, you’re not going to need to pound it on the treadmill, do a gazillion burpees or start lifting weights. In fact, if you’re significantly out of shape, I’d say skip any exercise other than simple walks. You risk injury and burn out. It’s gonna be time-consuming enough as it is getting your diet under control. Eating healthy means planning and preparation- and that takes time & effort.

Once you feel READY to start exercising, go on and do it! It’s gonna improve your confidence, make you look better naked (I promise!) AND improve your overall health. Bonus sauce: it’ll make maintaining your weight loss worlds easier.

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