Shakeology: My Favorite Meal of the Day

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, chances are you’ve already heard me talking about Shakeology. So maybe you’ve wondered about it – maybe you’ve even asked me about it.  Maybe you’ve already googled and seen reviews or discovered the price tag and immediately said “No way Jose! That stuff is CRAZY expensive.”  And you’re right – it is crazy expensive when you look at the cost of a bag on its own.  When I first discovered the price, I was pretty shocked myself.  I am a frugal mama.  I clip coupons. I buy clothes and food and nearly every item we buy only when it’s on sale AND the sale price is indeed a good deal.  But after I researched it, tried a sample and broke the cost down per serving, I discovered it turns out to be a great deal after all…

How can a bag of something that retails for $119.85 be a great deal, you ask?  Let me break it down for you…

Shakeology is not just a shake mix. It is a meal replacement, protein shake and nutrition supplement all in one.   It is quite simply “nutrition simplified.”  Each chocolate or greenberry shake contains protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes to help you achieve optimal health, increase energy, become more regular, and lose weight (if you eat sensibly otherwise- this is not a magic pill that will allow you to eat whatever you want). The price of one serving of Shakeology works out to be $4 per day. ($3 if you’re a Coach). You would spend that much (or more!) going through the drive-thru for a meal, or a speciality coffee at Starbucks. In drinking one glass of Shakeology, you’d get ALL the nutrients you need for the day with 23 vitamins and minerals.

It’s like eating:

10 cups of cauliflower

4 cups of broccoli

4 cups of mushrooms

4 cups of radishes

3 cups of lettuce

1 cup of peas

7 carrots

3 raw onions

Oh yes, and a shot of wheatgrass for good measure.  Pretty impressive, right?  Does it taste like you’re actually drinking a shake made of these things?  Nope.  In my humble opinion, it tastes pretty darned yummy.  As someone who loooooves Chocolate, I was delighted to discover just how deliciously Chocolatey the chocolate Shakeology is- my current favorite Shakeology recipe is Chocolate Shakeology with 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 cup of water and 12 frozen cherries.  It tastes like a decadent bowl of chocolate covered cherries.  It is my favorite post-workout treat and one of my 5 designated mini-meals each day.  It’s not only the healthiest meal of the day for me, it’s typically the simplest for me to prepare too.  Just mix, blend and serve.  Now that’s a good (and good for you) convenience food!

But everyone’s tastes are different and maybe you won’t wind up being as crazy about it as I am.  So, Beachbody offers a Bottom of the Bag Guarantee.  Which means you can try Shakeology for 30 days. If you don’t like it for any reason, you can return it for your money back (less s&h)—even if the bag is empty!

I view buying a bag not as if it’s I’m dropping a huge sum of money on a bag- I view it as just paying up front for thirty days of one healthy meal each day.  It’s like paying what you’d spend on your daily trip to the drive-thru and yet getting so much more nutritionally.  Take a look at the difference between nutritional value & cost:


So there you have it, a true value meal! I can tell you from my own personal experience after drinking Shakeology for two months now that I am officially hooked & find it is worth every penny for me. Here’s why:


1.  I am more regular now than I’ve been in my life (I will spare you the gory details on that)


2.  In the past, even while doing hardcore Atkins and staying on track during that magical time of the month, I would bloat and gain 3-4 pounds in that time. I have felt significantly less bloating and have not gained an ounce during my magical time of the month these past two months.
3.  My sugar/chocolate cravings had been kept down to an absolute bare minimum while eating clean.  I feel as if I’m indulging when I have my Shakeology.


Those three things alone make it worth the cost for me personally.  You can choose from three distinctive flavors, Chocolate, Greenberry or Vegan Tropical Strawberry.


If you have any other questions about Shakeology or if you’d like to try a sample before committing to buy, contact me.  If you’re ready to order, just click here!  Choose Home Direct and get FREE shipping. You can cancel ANYTIME.

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