How to Buy Shakeology CHEAP

“Here Are 4 SUPER EASY WAYS To Buy Shakeology 
For The Absolutely Lowest Price…Anywhere!”

“Before You Even Think of Buying Shakeology At Full Price,
Be Sure To Read This Important Information First!

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There’s a long list of reasons why people who work out swear by the jam-packed and refined nutrition of Shakeology. Never has there been such a complete all-in-one shake mix that supplies you with a whole heap of nutrition AND tastes great as well. Other powders usually lack real nutritional value, are loaded with chemicals and let’s face it…taste like eating cardboard.

If you’ve already shopped around online to purchase Shakeology, you’ve
probably discovered that the cost can be WELL over $100+ per unit.

Is it worth every single penny you spend on it? YES! Absolutely.

Does this mean you should pay full price for it? NO!

I’m about to reveal to you 4 easy ways you can SAVE BIG on your next purchase of Shakeology. Instead of paying well over $100+ or more a pop, you’ll be able to get the total price down to a whopping $60. That’s right, $60 only, which is nearly a savings of 50% off!

Pay close attention to the 4 easy ways I’m going to show you how you can buy Shakeology for a fraction of the price…every single time!

This is information that many people simply either don’t know about or fail to ever discover on their own regarding Shakeology. And the truth is, they’re wasting a LOT of money that they shouldn’t be. Now you don’t have to.

I’ve listed 4 easy ways you can save on Shakeology below for you. This will give you 4 easy options to choose from that’ll work best for you, and save you the most possible on your next purchase of Shakeology. But be sure to read ALL options available to you (especially #4 because it could earn you FREE Shakeology!)

Are you ready to save a LOT of money on Shakeology?
Let’s jump right into all 4 options!

“Here Are MY TOP 4 WAYS To Buy Shakeology
For a FRACTION of The Price!”


– Shakeology Order Option #1 –
The Challenge Pack

This is one of the SMARTEST WAYS to buy Shakeology for a mere fraction of the selling price. So how does The Challenge Pack work? It’s simple. You simply invest in one of the home workout programs like P90X, Insanity or 21-Day Fix (there’s more as well!) and you get it “bundled” with a month’s supply of Shakeology to go with it. If you really want to make this option even better for you, Team Beachbody offers at least one program in Challenge Pack form at an even deeper discounted price each month. Get a Challenge Pack on sale and you could end up paying ONLY $60 for Shakeology!

This means you save a whopping 50% off the normal price, which is
practically unheard of, even on places like Ebay!

Don’t forget about the “Bottom of The Bag Guarantee”!

When you order through Team Beachbody, if for any reason you don’t simply fall in love with Shakeology, you can simply return the unused portion for a FULL refund. This is something that NO other seller on sites like Ebay or other discount sites can offer you. Plus you’re buying from Team Beachbody, one of the most trusted fitness companies in the world!

In the end, when you choose to go with a Challenge Pack, not only do you get Shakeology for a huge reduction in price, you’ll also get to pair that up with some amazing home fitness programs. It’s a WIN-WIN for you!

Click Here To Pick Your Favorite Challenge Pack Right Now!

Unsure which Challenge Pack is best for you? Let a real coach help you. Simply email me directly at: and I’ll be happy to assist you!

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– Shakeology Order Option #2 –
Become a Team Beachbody Club Member

This is one of the most BENEFIT-PACKED buying options of Shakeology ever offered! When you become a Team Beachbody Club Member, you’ll enjoy a 10% discount on ALL Beachbody Products, and that includes not only all the workout programs, but also every single flavor of Shakeology. 10% may not sound like a lot in the beginning, but when you are purchasing Shakeology monthly, and even want to buy some of the best home fitness programs on the planet, 10% can save you a LOT of money in the end!

Once you sign up as a Team Beachbody Club Member here, you’ll save
close to $13 on every purchase of Shakeology.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The cost to become a member is $38.87 every 3 months, so if you have no interest in using your 10% discount on anything but Shakeology, then you really don’t end up ahead on costs with this option. But if you ARE interested in both Shakeology as well as Team Beachbody fitness programs, or even Meal Planning, then the Club Membership is an excellent and worthwhile investment for sure. The Meal Planning is based on your own goals and dietary preferences to help you eat better, and even helps you with custom grocery lists to make your healthy eating lifestyle that much easier!

BREAKING NEWS ON CLUB MEMBERSHIP: Starting this Spring, Club Members will be able to STREAM Beachbody’s most popular home workout programs! That’s right- you’ll get access to programs such as Insanity, P90X and TurboFire (as well as workout calendars and nutrition guides to EACH of these programs). Be warned though- Club Membership price is likely to INCREASE shortly after launch of Beachbody OnDemand so you may want to act FAST to lock in the current rate.

Click Here To Sign Up For The Team Beachbody Club Membership!

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– Shakeology Order Option #3 –
Have It Automatically Shipped To You Monthly

This is one of the EASIEST ways to get Shakeology every single month plus save money every single time! When you sign up for HD (Home Direct) shipping, you’ll automatically have Shakeology shipped to you every month. This way you’ll have a consistent supply of Shakeology, and you won’t have to worry about placing on order manually every month. Normally when someone orders Shakeology only one time, the shipping can cost around $15 EACH time. When you use the Auto-Ship/HD option…you only pay $2 for shipping.

And The Great New Is…You Can Cancel Anytime You Want!

If you decide after a few months that the monthly HD option is not for you, feel free to cancel anytime you want. There are NO long-term commitments or pesky contracts. Simply call their easy customer service number and cancel, that’s it! This really is the easiest and most simple ways to continually have Shakeology shipped to your door, without all the hassle. Plus it saves you money in the long run.

To get started with the monthly Auto-Ship option, simply
click the button below to choose your favorite Shakeology flavor!

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– Shakeology Order Option #4 –
Become a Team Beachbody Coach

This is THE SINGLE BEST way to buy Shakeology for the best price possible! Ok, I’ve saved the very best option for last for you. If you really want to save big on Shakeology, then becoming a Team Beachbody Coach is the absolute best way to get the best prices on Shakeology. When you become a Team Beachbody Coach yourself, you’ll save an INSTANT 25% on Shakeology PLUS ALL Beachbody products!

Is Becoming a Team Beachbody Coach Right For You?

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of becoming a Team Beachbody Coach in order to save money on Shakeology. I’ll be honest, this option is not the best for everyone, so let’s decide if it’s right or you. Sure, I know you want to save big money on Shakeology, but as you’ve already seen, there are multiple ways to save money on Shakeology, the trick is finding what the best option is for you and YOUR lifestyle & goals.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 6.43.20 PMBecoming a Team Beachbody Coach is indeed one of the best ways to save money on Shakeology, but it is only truly beneficial for those who are SERIOUS about using Shakeology on a long-term basis, and want to make it part of their diet.

If you’re only interested in buying Shakeology
a few times, order options #1-#3 mentioned
above will be better suited for you.

There are certain costs when it comes to becoming a Team Beachbody Coach, but if you’re serious about using Shakeology for the long term, then the long-term savings will be WELL worth the investment to become a coach.

After 2 months in as a coach, you’ll save $5.08, and then by month 3 you’ll start seeing MUCH bigger savings in the ballpark of $15.04 from that point forward!

Click Here To Get Started As A Team Beachbody Coach!

“Are You Still Not 100% Convinced That Shakeology
Really Works and Is Worth Your Hard Earned Money?”

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“Why Not Let Me Personally Help You Get Started?”

I know when you first read about all the order options for Shakeology it can be a bit overwhelming…

There are so many options to choose from, plus there are so many aspects of Team Beachbody that it may be a bit confusing to you. I want to clear up the confusion for you and help you decide what’s the absolute best option for YOUR life and health goals.

I want to help you save the MOST money on Shakeology possible, so if you should have any questions or concerns, and you’d like an honest coach who can help sort out all your questions, I’m here for you. Do you need help completing an online application? Are you not sure which of the 4 Shakeology order options you should pick? Do you have a few general questions that need clarification?

Contact Me Directly At: and I’ll be happy to help you!

Becoming a Team Beachbody coach has literally changed my life for the better
in so many ways, and I know it can do the same for you.

I started my coaching business with the Insanity Challenge, and I ended up losing 30 pounds. From there, everything just got better, and now my PASSION is helping people just like you who either want to save money on Shakeology, or are ready to take your fitness and weight loss to a whole new level.

FACT: Did you know that you could get Shakeology 100% FREE simply
by referring ONLY 3 people to purchase Shakeology?

It’s true. For every sale you make, you earn a commission, and those 3 commissions will quickly add up to the cost of one unit of Shakeology. All you have to do is refer your friends or family to your own Beachbody Coach website and links, and they take care of all the rest (shipping, ordering, inventory, etc). I’ve literally built my entire business this way, and if you’d like to do the same, I’d love to help mentor you. Contact me at for more details!

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