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I did it! I survived 21 days of the Ultimate Reset– 21 days of real food (14 of these being completely vegan)- and I must say, it was completely life-changing.  This meat and potatoes kind of gal has now grown to love fresh fruits and vegetables- and has even opted for Vegan Shakeology each day.  Who would have imagined that?   When you’re ready to take the leap into truly clean eating and order the Ultimate Reset kit by clicking the button below.  You don’t have to go all vegan to make the best positive changes of the Ultimate Reset “stick,” but you should wind up eliminating most processed foods from your diet and become a much more conscious eater, rather than an emotional one.

Ultimate Reset Review

My results were nothing short of amazing.  The single most noticeable change: I lost 15.2 pounds over the 21 days! In so doing, I decreased my bodyfat by 3% (from 22.5% to 19.5%), dropped a full dress size (from a size 4 to a size 2- especially thrilling for me considering I once wore size 22/24!), lost 10.5 inches overall (including 3 from my waistline), reduced my overall cholesterol 14 points and cut my triglycerides level nearly in half (from 100 to 54)!  After having completed the program, I  can definitely see why Beachbody CEO, Carl Daikeler, has dubbed the Ultimate Reset as “P90X for your insides.” It truly is!

Here’s my before and after pictures from the program (my apologies for poor lighting in the After photo):

Ultimate Reset View

Ultimate Reset- check out the curvier hourglass and smaller waist!

Ultimate Reset Review

Ultimate Reset- less DONK in my BADONKADONK

Ultimate Reset- rearview

My favorite Ultimate Reset meal


Are you quaking at the mere mention of the words “Cleanse” and “Detox?”  Do you think this means 21 days of starvation?  Absolutely not!  This is not your Mama’s kind of cleanse where you’re basically driven mad by starvation and have to choke down an unpleasant concoction of tea/lemonade made with cayenne pepper and maple syrup (I’m talking to you Master Cleanse!). You’re enjoying actual meals- flavorful and delicious ones at that!  My personal favorite Ultimate Reset meal: a corn, bean and rice stuffed corn tortilla with steamed kale…the fixings for the tortilla include salsa and a heaping pile of guacamole for good measure.  Nor is this the kind of detox program where you’re running to the bathroom every 5 minutes.   I couldn’t be able to do any such program because (a) let’s face it folks, I like to eat; and (b) I’m too busy shuttling kiddos around to worry about frequent bathroom trips and I’m too young to be sporting Depends.

Was it difficult to stay on track at times?  Of course!  You’re completely revamping your nutrition habits and it’s natural to resist change.  Thankfully, there’s a wonderful support network for you while you’re doing the program.  Some of my bumps in the road included the muscle fatigue I experienced during days 2-4 and the numerous food temptations to be found in a household with 4 kids and a meat-loving husband.   Convenience foods no longer exist. You’ll need to take the time and make the effort to prepare all your meals from fresh whole foods.  But while you do it, you’ll discover great new ideas for future meals and snacks.  While doing the program, I’ve discovered a love of kale, jicama and beets!  Pretty impressive given that I’m a confessed veggie-phobe.  You need to keep an open mind during the process and if you do, I guarantee you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised- not only with how good the food tastes but how good your body will feel.  My stomach has never felt leaner!  And speaking of my tummy, shameful confession time, I have had frequent bouts of painful gas in my adult life- I did not have any gas whatsoever while doing the Ultimate Reset.  Another big bonus? I’ve kicked my Coke Zero addiction and no longer need sleeping pills to get to sleep each night.

Who should do the Ultimate Reset?

The Ultimate Reset is ideal for those who are seeking to better their nutritional habits.  If you’re feeling stuck in a rut nutrition-wise or have had problems busting through a plateau, the Ultimate Reset is for you.  If food is a problem for you (whether it be an obsession with food or emotional eating), the Ultimate Reset is for you.  The Ultimate Reset is a very regimented program that will put you on a schedule with a detailed meal plan and will help you change bad habits.  You’ll learn how to become a CONSCIOUS eater, rather than an EMOTIONAL one.  Chances are, you’ll be eating a lot more healthy than you ever have in your life and you’ll carry these new positive habits with you post-Reset- hopefully, for the rest of your life.

Why should I order the Ultimate Reset through you?

As someone who’s experienced the program firsthand, I can tell you exactly what to expect, how to minimize grocery costs while shopping for your Ultimate Reset meal ingredients and provide complete support for you throughout your 21 day Ultimate Reset adventure.  If you’re on Facebook,  I can also add you to my group of wonderful, supportive, inspired & inspiring active Challenge members.

Have any more questions about the program? Contact me!

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