fittipsThings get nuts.  I know this oh so well thanks to the demands of a husband, 4 kids, a dog, 3 lizards, 2 guinea pigs and more fish than I can count.  But you want to learn the BEST way to relieve stress and clear your head when you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all- it’s not from a bar of chocolate, a glass of wine or a bath (or even all 3 though they can come close and feel infinitely more blissful after you take my advice for the best form of relief).  It’s a good old-fashioned sweat fest.   Heck, sweat isn’t even required.  Just pure, simple movement. Walk, run, do yoga, lift weights.  Skip, jump, leap. Play tag with your kids.  Set aside at least 20 minutes to workout and I guarantee you’ll feel more centered, less stressed.

Don’t junk up your head with to-do lists or petty annoyances that have bugged you all day.  Let them go.  Focus on the way your body feels as you ease into a lunge or work up to a sprint.   Zone in on the rhythm of your heartbeat.  Even my most craptacular crazy busy days are made WORLDS better as soon as I start moving.  And I feel as if I could conquer the world when I’m done…irregardless of how tired, overwhelmed or downtrodden I was feeling when I started.  It’s a complete 180 to the spirit.  Even back when exercise was a chore for me, when I whined and complained and dragged my feet to the gym, I could tell a significant difference in my mood after finishing each workout than I had when I had started. Which makes it all the more puzzling for me how it took so long for me to stop the whining and complaining as a prelude.

Today was one of those rough to start kind of days for me.  A doctor’s appointment that took far too long, a to do list growing by the mile each minute, and dealing with a pint-sized diva made it hard to get out to our garage/gym and get my workout in – and you know what?  Though I expected myself to simply grind it out, I pushed forward and wound up surprising myself in ways I hadn’t expected.  Like, being able to do a whole set of 18 military style push-ups on my toes.  Which was pretty outstanding for someone who used to struggle to squeak out 7 on my knees.

So go get moving.  If not now, before you roll into bed tonight.  You can thank me after you’re finished.

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