Well, if you’re ready to take your fitness goals by the horns in a SENSIBLE way, I’ll give you 10 good reasons to get on board (like NOW)…

1. You’ll get a shot at winning some cool prizes (including a whole YEAR of Beachbody on Demand).

2. You’ll get a month’s worth of healthy breakfasts (or lunch or dinner or snacks) that’ll cost you less than a latte or drive-thru meal- and will be a whole lot BETTER for you.

3. You’ll have access to over $3,000 of the most popular & effective home workout programs on the planet (we’re talking Insanity, P90X, TurboFire, Brazil Butt Lift- and EXCLUSIVE workouts just for Beachbody OnDemand members).

4. You won’t need to count calories, carbs or points. Wheee!

5. You can even have wine. Cheers!

6. You can have chocolate. No, I’m not kidding.

7. You’ll only need to spend 30 minutes working out each day. That’s it- no hour on the treadmill.

8. You’ll get a cool free t-shirt when you’re done (and a shot at winning cash prizes in the Beachbody Challenge).

9. You’ll have my (nearly) 24/7 support (hey- a girl’s gotta sleep) through the 21 days- and beyond AND a space in a group run by 21 Day Fix creator Autumn herself;

and, if you’re one of the first 5 people to commit to the Fix in August, you’ll also get…

10. Your own copy of FIXATE (the healthy cookbook with 101 Fix approved recipes) (a $20 value) on me.

What’s the catch, you wonder?? There are TWO.

CATCH #1: You need to order through me using one of the Challenge Pack links below; AND

CATCH #2:  You’ve got to be one of the first 5 to order.

If you’re already working with a Coach, they can hook you up with all but the last 2 on this list. 😉 And that’s still a pretty sweet deal, if you ask me.

Ready to jump on board? Choose your Fix below!

For all fitness levels: 21 Day Fix

For intermediate/advanced: 21 Day Fix Extreme

For those who want a Kickstart (comes with 3 Day Refresh):

21 Day Fix Kickstart 21 Day Fix Extreme Kickstart

Ever consider becoming a Coach? Pick a Challenge Pack when you sign up and you’ll get Coach Starter Fee of $39.95 waived AND I’ll send you FIXATE AND A Bonus Personal Development Book to get you started STRONG.

Click here to become a Coach!

Be one of the FIRST 5 to email me your order number & mailing address at and I’ll send you a copy of FIXATE. Remember: This offer is good ONLY if you’re my official customer.

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