Hybrid Options

One of the BEST things about having more than one Beachbody program is being able to mix and match your programs to create hybrids.  Mixing up your routine is a great way to break a weight loss or fitness plateau to get your best results!  This is part of why I love hybrids- they also keep you and your body guessing and prevent workout doldrums.

REMEMBER: Modify YOUR workout to suit YOUR needs.  There is no single exercise program perfect for everyone  so be in tune with YOUR body & what you can realistically keep up with long-term.

This will be the place for you to find some hybrid options that are sure to shake things up!!!

Got questions or would like a hybrid program crafted for you? Email me at coachpetrina@yahoo.com.

Brazil Butt Lift/TurboFire/P90X Hybrid – this is a 2 x day workout program so be ready to get a double-dose of getting your sweat on!

TurboFire/ChaLean Extreme Hybrid – an advanced version of TF/CLX

Booty Beauty & the Beast Hybrid – advanced 2 x day workout program with Brazil Butt Lift, TurboFire & Body Beast. Rawr!

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