My 21 Day Fix Review: Amazing Results in Just 3 Weeks!

I finished up my 21 Day Fix adventure and I’m a BELIEVER!  After just 3 short weeks following the program, doing the workouts & drinking Shakeology each day, I’ve lost an AMAZING 15 pounds and 16 inches (6 off my waist alone!).  I am in love with the color coded containers and the amazingly effective short workouts.  21 Day Fix is truly a game changer and has put me firmly back on track with my nutrition.  It really does make clean eating ridiculously simple.  Check out my transformation below!

I’m FAR from perfect and lapsed back into really bad old habits. I grew tired and resentful of meticulously tracking my foods so I stopped doing it altogether and the pounds crept back on. It was a RELIEF to not have to count a single calorie, net carb or point over the 3 weeks and I never once felt deprived or hungry. You can even treat yourself to chocolate and wine on  the 21 Day Fix!! And the workouts were TOUGH but fun. I loved the fact too that they featured a normal sized cast member doing the modifications and not some crazy perfect fitness model.

bestcomp21 Day Fix could be perfect if any of the following statements fit you personally:

  • You’re trying to look good for a special occasion that is just a few short weeks away.
  • You want to lose 5 pounds.
  • You want to lose 50 pounds or more.
  • You want to look & feel your best.
  • You’re clueless when it comes to clean eating and a need a program that makes it simple- and doesn’t require weird and/or expensive foods to buy!
  • You don’t have a lot of time to workout, but want GREAT results.
  • You’re new to exercise.
  • You’re a seasoned pro when it comes to getting your sweat on.

21 Day Fix is the real deal- it helped me get my Mojo back in a big way.  Want in?  Click on the red button below.  I’ll be with you every step of the way!


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