My Insanity: The Asylum Review

Insanity AsylumAs a full-fledged graduate of Insanity, I decided to step up my game and enter The Asylum with Shaun T.  If you’re looking to get great results in a short amount of time or training for a specific event, this is the program for you. It’s a 30 day intense sports-specific training system that focuses on building strength and improving balance, speed, agility, power, and coordination.  Insanity: The Asylum has been called the most difficult home exercise program ever devised.

That’s not an easily proven claim, but this is certainly the most challenging DVD workout ever released by Beachbody and Shaun T.  Insanity Asylum presents a unique challenge even to seasoned fitness buffs and extreme athletes. I know I was pushed to the limit over the course of the 30 days and wound up hitting a personal best and nabbing a first place spot in my age group in a local 5K race.  Not too shabby for a 39 year old Mom who used to weigh 240 pounds!

What’s inside Insanity Asylum?

Asylum includes seven instructional DVDs, an Agility Ladder and Speed Rope to improve form and sharpen focus, the Asylum Calendar to track progress, Shaun T’s Eat to Win Nutrition Guide and ongoing online support. The 30 day Asylum workout schedule is a varied mixture of cardiovascular routines and intense strength training, designed to build lean muscle and reduce excess fat. But this is a rigorous and demanding program — it won’t magically transform your body, build lean muscle, give you ripped abs and 5% body fat. As with any fitness program, dramatic results are achieved through unusual dedication, focus, consistency and hard work- both with your workouts AND your nutrition.  You have to eat clean to get maximum results!

Me & my first place bling thanks to The Asylum

The good news? The meticulous structure of the Asylum workout system and the motivation of Shaun T. will provide a clear and comprehensive map to dramatic results in 30 just days — if you’re willing to stay on track and put in the effort.

Among the most unique and exciting elements of Asylum are the new Hybrid Calendars. The program ships with three different, complete 30 day workout calendars: 1. Asylum, 2. Asylum/Insanity, 3. Asylum/P90X. Although designed as a 30 day program, Asylum lets you continue into month two and three with varied workouts, incorporating programs that you’re already familiar with.

With Asylum you’ll be continually trying something new, avoiding the boring repetition of doing the same workouts day in and day out.

Who should do INSANITY: The Asylum?

  • Fitness enthusiasts in good to elite physical condition
  • Extreme athletes or former athletes looking to regain performance levels
  • Graduates of INSANITY, P90X, Turbo Fire, ChaLean Extreme and other advanced Beachbody fitness programs
  • Those who are fed up with sub-par DVD workout programs that fail to motivate or deliver results

INSANITY: The Asylum Workouts

  • Speed & Agility: 45 minutes intense cardio workout
  • Vertical Plyo: 40 minute lower-body training routine
  • Relief: 25 minute stretch to increase flexibility
  • Strength: 50 minute cross-training with weights and resistance
  • Back to Core: 45 minute core, glutes, and hamstrings workout
  • Game Day: 60 minute cross-training workout
  • Bonus workout: 25 minute sports performance assessment and measurement tool
  • Bonus workout: Overtime: 15 minute addition can be added to any Asylum workout

Training and Support Tools

  • Wall Calendars
  • 30-day step-by-step Guide Playbook
  • Eat to Win Nutrition Guide
  • Portable Agility Ladder
  • Speed Rope


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