My Les Mills PUMP Review

Just before I was set to begin training for a half-marathon, I learned of the release of Les Mills PUMP.  LES MILLS PUMP is based on Les Mills’ global fitness phenomenon BODYPUMP™ . Loved by millions in 14,000 clubs across 80 countries, it’s one of the world’s fastest (and most popular!) ways to get in shape. Les Mills has partnered with Beachbody to release the exciting home workout LES MILLS PUMP. Not everyone can access THE GROUP EFFECT™ experience live in a fitness center, so LES MILLS PUMP is designed especially for home use and can’t be found in clubs. LES MILLS PUMP will sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire body. The secret? THE REP EFFECT,  a proven breakthrough in fitness training.  The Rep Effect is based on high reps and relatively lower weights compared to other home fitness courses. With up to 100 reps per body part, in some workouts you’ll reach 800 reps in one sitting. All that matters here though is that you’ll know that you could be burning up to 1,000 calories per hour, which is pretty remarkable.

After looking at the schedule, I decided it would be a great program for me to fit in some challenging strength training sessions alongside my scheduled training runs.  Given that the schedule provided for just 3 PUMP workouts each week, this gave me four other days to focus on speedwork, tempo, pace and long runs- perfect for my half-marathon training! Knowing that the PUMP workouts included a bevy of squats and lunges, I also knew I’d be developing my legs and glutes- another bonus for an upcoming half-marathon.  The next 90 days challenged me in ways I did not expect- and helped me to achieve a personal best time in my half-marathon (in fact, I even shaved over 20 minutes off my previous half-marathon time!).  I didn’t quite get the sub 2:00 half I wanted, but I came awfully close so I’m not complaining.

The trainers in PUMP are some of the absolute best Bodypump instructors around the world.  The music is sure to get your heart beating (and maybe even help you forgot how badly your legs are quaking during the squat and lunge tracks).  You’ll have a great time while getting a great all-over workout.  Not one muscle will be left untouched by the time you’re cooling down.

Jon & I with the trainers of Les Mills PUMP

What you’ll get with Les Mills PUMP:

You’ll receive 7 workouts over 8 DVDs-

  • Les Mills Pump Basics – Learn how to assemble your weights and the proper stance techniques
  • Pump Challenge – Fundamental resistance exercises
  • Pump And Burn – Compound moves that work several muscles at once to scorch the calories
  • Les Mills Pump And Shred – Build endurance with The Rep Effect
  • Les Mills Pump Revolution – Fast tempos and powerful moves to really build lean muscle
  • Pump Extreme – High intensity, targeted muscle training
  • BONUS: Les Mills Flow – Stretches to increase flexibility
  • BONUS: Hard Core Abs – Carve out your core and define your back

That’s not all. Barbells, weights and safety clips are included in the package as they are a necessity.

Of course, if you order through me, you’ll get some great bonuses:

  1. Lean, Strong & Unstoppable Fitness Guide – Map out your 90 days with a training calendar, guidelines and a step-by-step guide
  2. Get Lean Nutrition Guide – In 3 phases, you’ll be firing up your metabolism. 50 recipes and meal plans to customize.
  3. Tape Measure + Measurement Tracker – Tracking your results is crucial to your motivation and success. Watch the inches melt away.
  4. Free online support – You’ll have access to with access to fitness experts and an incredible peer network
  5. The 2 bonus DVDs – ‘Les Mills Flow’ and ‘Hard Core Abs’

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