Jogging Stroller: The Ultimate Multi-Tasking Tool!

It has been an uber-frustrating kind of day in our household today.  Our preschooler has suddenly regressed in potty training.  We have had several accidents and after her latest this early afternoon (on the sofa no less!), Mama just about completely lost it!  Couple that with the stress of all things holiday hustle-and-bustle related, well let’s just say I was in major need of therapy.  I often advise folks to make their sidewalk their therapist so I took my own advice today and broke out the jogging stroller, some well-worn sneaks, geared Stella and I up in our coats and out the door we went.  Even though I’ve put in my scheduled cardio routine, I decided to make it a three mile walk- the more challenging loop that requires two uphill climbs.  Why? So I could get some major multi-tasking done….

What kind of multi-tasking, you wonder?  Weren’t you just taking your child out for a leisurely stroll?  No way- it was far more than a leisurely stroll for me.  The things I accomplished in this simple 3 miler were amazing.  Here’s what I accomplished during this “leisurely stroll”:

1.  I felt my frustration at my daughter’s sofa accident magically melt away from the first few steps out on the walk.  Yes, the soothing effects of my impromptu sidewalk therapy session were instantaneous- and completely free! Take that $200 per hour therapists!

2.  My daughter fell into a deep and peaceful slumber- a much needed rest for her, as she is a gal who frequently & stubbornly refuses to nap.  And when she doesn’t get a nap in, we ALL suffer later in the afternoon and early evening with some majorly petulant behavior. 

3.  I got a nice glute improving session courtesy of the two uphills on my stroll.  My hubby will thank me later for this.  😎

4.  After the frustration subsided, my head cleared and I was able to focus on brainstorming marketing ideas for my growing business. 

5.  The only two things I find equally peaceful and meditative as a long walk are hot yoga sessions or holding my daughter as she sleeps on my chest…and with a long walk, I don’t have to deal with maintaining intricate poses without slipping in a puddle of my own sweat or have to change my shirt after Stella leaves a puddle of drool on it while napping.  Long walk = body fluid free meditation.

6.  I was able to enjoy a most intimate prayer session as well.  You’re never more reminded of God’s pure grace and beauty as clearly as when you’re surrounded by nature- be it in the flight of birds above you, the rustle of trees or the smile of a stranger as you pass by.

Yes, I know it’s winter. In many parts of the country, it’s chilly.  If so, put on your warmest coat and get out there for a simple walk.  You’d be surprised by how many things you can accomplish just by putting one foot in the front of the other and repeating. 

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