Customer Testimonials

Still on the fence about Taking the Challenge, getting a workout program or committing to Shakeology?  Yes, it’s an investment.  Yes, it’s asking you to work hard and focus on your health & fitness- but trust me, it is so worth it! Need further proof and inspiration- just check out these Testimonials from some of my customers and Coaches…

Holly’s Story:

I am a single mother of 3 kids, I work a full-time job and two part time jobs and before doing Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset I was addicted to caffeine (and still COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED all of the time).  I ate what I thought was healthy, but I consumed about one and a half pots of coffee a day, along with about 6 diet soft drinks. About 10 years ago I was in a horrible car crash that left me with lifelong injuries and complications that required four (4) daily medications.  Worst of all I was EXTREMELY cranky by the end of the day.  I hated being tired all of the time and I really hated that I took my exhaustion and physical pain out on the most important people in my life…my kids.

Three years ago I tipped the scales at over 340 lbs.  I hated life, I hated myself and I lived in a constant depressive state.  I was in pain from my injuries and I lived in a hell that I was too scared to get out of.  Then I made the leap and left my abusive husband- within six months, I had dropped 40 lbs.  I was moving in the right direction but I was not eating anything at all.  I wanted the weight to come off quicker so I did the most unhealthy thing that I think I have ever done.  I began the HCG diet.  Basically I injected myself with HCG every morning and consumed ONLY 500 CALORIES a day.  It was effective and brought my weight down another 100 lbs, but I started losing my hair!  I started watching what I ate and began exercising 5 days a week, but I was not losing weight.    Around Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2011 my life was more stressful than normal and I was beginning to get depressed again.  I was taught only one way to deal with depression in my life…I ate too much and drank too much alcohol.  I ended up gaining 20 lbs back!

I decided that I needed a big change in my life and since I have tried almost everything out there…I figured that I might as well give Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset a try.  I am so very very glad that I did.  In 21 days, I lost 17 lbs and over 6 inches on my body.  Best of all I am completely energized all of the time and I only drink one 6 oz cup of coffee a day!  I have it for my “treat”.  I enjoyed the new foods that the Ultimate Reset brought into my life that I have continued eating from the Ultimate Reset book even after finishing the program.  It has become a way of life.  Beachbody is completely correct when they say it is not a diet, the food is delicious and you become addicted the healthy, clean way of eating.  It becomes second nature!

Not only am I THRILLED with the 17 lbs that I have lost, but I feel Fantastic!  I am now only taking one medication for my seizures!  The foods that we put into our bodies really effect what we get out. I was eating way too much processed “CRAP” and it was causing so many problems with my body, which caused the doctors to put me on more medication. The cleaner I eat the better my body is!

Thank you Thank You THANK YOU Coach P!  I am on the road to getting the life I want.  I have 50 lbs more to go to reach my goal and I WILL GET THERE!
-After her Ultimate Reset experience, Holly Chenail became an Independent Team Beachbody Coach- want to work with Holly?  Check out her Beachbody site here!


Tracy’s Story:

I have been doing a Les Mills BodyPUMP style workout at my fitness club for the last few years. With a changing schedule I was finding it difficult to make the class times available. When Petrina approached me about the Les Mills PUMP program, it seemed to be the perfect solution. Several months later I can say, that it was the perfect solution! I still enjoy the group atmosphere that I get at the club but when I can’t make a class, I now have the option of heading down to my basement and getting a Les Mills PUMP workout in. The instructors in the Les Mills PUMP workouts are great and keep you motivated.

In March I decided to try Shakeology. I was doing PUMP 3 times a week and Spin class 2-3 times a week. Without changing my workout habits but just adding in Shakeology as my breakfast, I have lost 5 pounds, gone down a jean size and I have to pull my belt one notch tighter now. I have also found that my skin is clearer than it has been in a long time. I was skeptical that Shakeology would leave me feeling hungry but it truly tides me over until lunch time and is a tasty treat!” (Coach P would like to add you can get benefits of both Les Mills PUMP and Shakeology with the purchase of a Challenge Pack– and you get to join my Challenge group for added support & accountability!)


Kristen B’s Story:
I am a mother of two toddler boys and have struggled to get back into shape. I had heard about Insanity from a few people but had not truly considered giving it a shot- it looked hard, time consuming and hard!  I crossed paths with Coach Petrina, read about her success, spoke with her and sensed that she truly believed in the Beachbody programs. It wasn’t a sales pitch.  So I signed on for my 60 days with Shaun T and forced my husband to do the program with me. In those 60 days, I learned that I do have time and that I do have it in me to take control of my body and mind. I found myself fitting into clothing that I had not seen in years..and my husband and I spent 60 days doing something together.  He dropped a pant size in the process, too!With so much encouragement from Petrina and after completing the Insanity program, I decided to give Shakeology a try. I must admit that I was very skeptical and hesitant. T here are very few things that come in a package that I believe are truly of nutritional value, let alone taste good.  I hemmed and hawed and finally, after spending some time talking to Coach P, reading and hearing her talk about Shakeology, I grabbed a sample, read the ingredients and ultimately placed my order.  I am so glad that I did! It is something I look forward to having nearly every day, I feel more balanced and with fewer nose-dives while sitting at my desk in the afternoon and have shed a couple more pounds in the process! Everything is a process leading up to an event. I still have more work to do, but I am excited to continue the journey instead of feeling like I have an unmovable mountain in front of me.  Coach Petrina has offered support, honesty and excitement for my personal success and I wouldn’t do it without her.”   (Coach P note: Insanity is a GREAT program for couples to do together! As Shaun T would say, “Insanity doesn’t discriminate!”  You may find yourself outdoing your husband- just don’t try to keep up with Tanya in the Fit Test. That chick is HARDCORE!)

Sarah’s Story:

“Before I began using Beachbody products, I was stuck with the last 5 pounds to lose as well as toning that I would have liked.  I was active, doing mostly cardio exercise.  I think that Beachbody is good for anyone, no matter where they are in their fitness routine!  I began by using Power 90 as well as chocolate Shakeology.  The Shakeology is delicious and is like drinking a chocolate milkshake.  Right away I noticed that I was more “regular” and it reduced some bloating in my stomach.  And the energy is amazing!

The support from the Facebook group to push play everyday was also encouraging.  While I felt that Power 90 was not challenging enough for me, I pushed through to complete the program before moving to the next.  I did begin to see some toning in my body.

Beachbody has so many programs to choose from!  I had a hard time choosing, but talking with Coach Petrina and reading about each program, I finally settled on Les Mills PUMP.  I love this program, it is definitely challenging  and I am seeing changes!  I am losing inches and toning in places that I struggled with before.  I now fit comfortably in a size 4, whereas before it was tight.  I can not wait to see what day 90 brings, about 20 days left.  I am also deciding if I want to do this program again, or choose something else from Beachbody before going back to Les Mills PUMP!!!  In the past, I have purchased Beachbody products from infomercials, but I must say, there is nothing like having the support of a coach and others working together toward goals!”Sarah Indermill is an Independent Team Beachbody Coach.  Want to work with Sarah?  Check out her Beachbody Store here.


Aimee’s Story:

“I joined Coach Petrina’s Challenge two months ago with a TurboFire Challenge Pack.  After four weeks of doing TurboFire workouts and Shakeology each day,  I lost 18 pounds and over 13 inches. TurboFire is awesome! I am so happy that Coach Petrina had me start out with that program. Between that and Shakeology I have way more energy than I ever have had before. I sleep better at night and the added bonus is my waistline getting smaller.

Coach Petrina is a wonderful and awesome leader. Any questions I have are answered within minutes and did I mention she is super motivating and a huge inspiration. It’s nice to have a coach that’s had to lose a decent amount of weight. It shows that this absolutely can be done. Between all her YouTube videos and posts on Facebook  it is enough to keep anyone motivated. I cannot wait to share my journey with everyone because watching her do it, I know anyone can do it.” 


Veronica’s Story:

“I have done P90X and Insanity and now, thanks to the motivation and inspiration of Coach Petrina I am on my 2nd week of the Turbofire Challenge.  I love how the Challenge group keeps you accountable so you don’t slack off.  I also started Shakeology with this program and cannot believe the energy I have just after a week and a half.  I love love love the recipes and my favorite so far is Pina-Banana!!  I love how these programs have challenged me.  I am a 42 year old mother of 3 and am in the best shape of my life!!  I even became a runner because of the stamina I have built with these programs and I had never run a day in my life!! With P90X and Insanity I lost a total of 15lbs.  After Insanity I tried to lose the last 20 pounds on my own but was going up and down like a yo-yo. So far with TurboFire and the help and motivation of Coach Petrina and my other fellow challengers, I have lost 2 lbs and 1/2 an inch off my waist!!  I can’t wait to see my transformation at the end of TurboFire!  So excited!  Thanks Coach P! 


Terrie’s Story:

I’ve been doing a 90-day TurboFire Challenge.  I have three children and over the last 7 years, have been up and down the scale and inconsistent in my eating and exercise habits.  I decided once and for all that I was going to really do something about my health and well-being.  Petrina is a friend from back in college, and her transformation- which is very much real, as I knew her in her (as she calls it), “pleasantly plump” days-  really inspired me to try out Beachbody products.  I was familiar already with Chalene Johnson through TurboJam and really liked her energy, and after getting advice from Petrina to try TurboFire, I embarked on my 90-day challenge on March 26, 2012.  On that day I had high cholesterol levels, weighed 194 pounds, and was on daily medication for frequent heartburn. Before having my children I was athletic and took good care of myself.  It was time to do something about my health- not just for me, but for my family as well.

After 55 days I have lost a total of 14 pounds, and at least 19 inches (I have not measured in a while so it could be more).  I started the program a size 16 and am now a size 12!  I no longer take heartburn medication daily.  I haven’t had my cholesterol levels checked yet but I can’t imagine they would be where they were two months ago. The energy I have gained from using Shakeology, eating well, and fitness is priceless.  I used to feel sluggish most of the time, but now I have the energy to get through my day and be a better mother to my three children. I sleep better at night.  My happiness quotient has increased tenfold.  It is also a great feeling to know that my children are watching me transform my body through exercise and eating well.  I can see a difference in how I look and they have noticed too.  TurboFire is a very challenging program that calls you to push yourself further in each and every workout.  And Shakeology is the best tasting and most effective shake I have ever tried.   I am super excited to see my final results at the end of the challenge in June.  If you are considering getting serious about changing your body, and changing your life- don’t hesitate to get in touch with Petrina!  She is not only supportive but she leads by example.  The Beachbody programs are excellent and can really get you where you want to be, if you are willing to put in the effort.  I’m sure glad that I did!”


Kelly’s  Story:

“I cannot say that I have had a traditional transformation.  I have been active since I decided to put 2 pairs of sweatpants on in January of 1979 and head out in the dead of winter in Wisconsin for a run.  I’m sure I didn’t run the whole way, about 1.5 miles round trip but I hung in there and I became a runner.  Life happened, I had ups and downs, babies and work.  Then on November 7, 2009 that all changed.  Near the end of my weight workout I was doing stiff legged deadlifts, 3rd set and BAM!!! something happened and I knew it wasn’t good.  I had herniated my L4-5 vertebral disc.  It was truly the worst pain I have ever endured.  There wasn’t even a reward afterwards, like a baby to hold or anything!  Thus began my journey to recovery.  10 weeks after my initial injury I had a laminectomy, discectomy, decompression.  After the 1st week I could walk on a flat surface at zero incline for 10 minutes. For someone who has run the Boston Marathon twice this was agony.  But it was a beginning.  I was so hopeful.  Alas, things will never be the same.  My left lower leg is always numb, always.  It feels cold to my brain but isn’t so to the touch.  It’s weird.  I kept thinking it would get better, now I just accept it.  I have permanent nerve damage and that is what it is.  However, this is no pity trip!  In fact it’s just the opposite.

Sometime back in early 2012 Petrina and I became Facebook friends.  I think it was our common muddiness from doing the Warrior Dash but at different venues.   Along the way a friend of mine in Nashville was thinking of doing the Tough Mudder.  Hmm, could I do this?  Should I do this knowing I have 3 bulging/herniated discs in my low back?  I talked with my friend, who happens to be the Head Athletic Trainer for the NHL Nashville Predators, has done P90X, and ran this all by him.  If I wanted to get in shape for the TM what program should I do?  Hands down he recommended Insanity (as he had done that too).  I talked it over with Petrina who also recommended Insanity…so Insanity it was!

What can I say…I think it’s awesome.  I became a Beachbody Coach because of it (and with Petrina’s coaxing.)  Honestly I love it!  I dropped my 5k time almost 2 minutes in 9 months because of it.  When I had to do a health assessment for work they had us do pushups (modified for women-yuk)…i did 57 in a minute and stopped because I was bored.  Do you know how many women my age are supposed to do (49 yo)?  9!  Shut the front door!  Only 9!  My bodyfat registered at 14.5%.  I find that hard to believe but maybe…even if they are off by a few percentage points I’m pretty happy with that.

Did Insanity get me ready for the Tough Mudder?   Undoubtedly!  I am a TM finisher and proud of it.  I will continue to endorse Beachbody products and use them in my fitness regimen. Coach P has been wonderful.  She checks in with me, doesn’t harass me, but understands that sometimes real life has to take a front seat.  Things will fall into place eventually.  One must never give up hope.  Next up is Insanity: The Asylum!  So excited to puke with Shaun T again!  I have gotten Hip Hop Abs and find it’s actually good for focusing on the abs and developing good dance moves!  It is also better for the kids because it’s not quite as intense.” -Kelly Boss is Independent Team Beachbody Coach- want to work with Kelly?  Check out her Beachbody site here!


Samantha’s Story:

“ I finished my first round of Insanity January 4, 2012. It was tough, but very worth it! Loved it so much I’m working on completing round 2!

During my first round of Insanity, I lost 7 pounds total, nearly 9 inches overall and 2.5% bodyfat!  Altogether, that’s 5 lbs of fat! I’m very happy with my results and I’m not only happy with the numbers, I’m happy because I feel stronger, more energized… I just better!

I think Petrina does a very good job Coaching.  She is supportive and motivating :)”


Jenna’s Story:

“I started off my Beachbody journey with Insanity!  In those 60 days I realized I could do more and be more that I thought.  Just by chance I found Petrina and her Challenge group members who gave me the inspiration I needed to finish out those 60 days strong!

Once I finished Insanity, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do from there.  I talked a bit with Petrina and she had mentioned that I should consider Coaching.  At the time I thought she was crazy for thinking I could do something like that.  A couple months passed and through all of Petrina’s inspiring and motivational words and posts, I realized I wanted to be a part of that.

I signed up as a Coach on April 1, 2012 and it has been an amazing journey ever since.   I purchased a Challenge Pack when I signed because I was able to get my Business Sign-up fee waived!  Not only did I get my business fee waived, I got the complete ChaLEAN Extreme home-fitness program, Shakeology HD, and a free month of Team Beachbody Club Membership!

I am halfway through ChaLEAN Extreme now and I am AMAZED with my progress.  My first month measurements were: 1 lb. lost, 10 INCHES lost, and a ton of energy and self-confidence as well!!!  With Shakeology I have been able to control my cravings, stay energized, and replace bad eating habits!

All of this has given me confidence not only in myself but in Beachbody products as well.  I KNOW that I made the right choice in becoming a coachPetrina is an AHHHMAZING coach, and I am on the BEST teams that Beachbody has to offer.  The support you receive from other coaches can NOT be compared or replaced!  I get more joy out of hearing my customers’ transformation stories than I do from my own!  Together, with Beachbody and my awesome support team, I hope to change people’s lives the way Petrina has helped to change mine!!! -Jenna Cowles is an Independent Team Beachbody Coach – want to work with Jenna?  Check out her Beachbody site here!


Jessica’s Story:

“In my teens and early 20’s, I could eat whatever I wanted and not gain an ounce.  I was skinny.  Really skinny.  So skinny, that I heard all the typical chicken leg jokes you could imagine, was taunted daily (“eat a burger, will ya?!”) and during the yearly eating disorders lecture in Health class, the teacher aimed her lecture at me the entire time.  Every year.  It was all annoying, but I knew I was lucky so I took it all in stride.

Then, I hit 25 and it became harder to eat whatever I wanted. I became a pastry chef, which anyone in the food industry knows, grazing became a habit and the only way to survive long shifts.  Then I had kids, and that’s when it all really changed!  Everything I put in my mouth made its presence known somewhere on my body and I knew something had to change.  I started running, eventually started P90X and I haven’t looked back since.  I now integrate the P90X workouts into the training schedules I get from Hal Higdon’s website and when I’m really in a good groove, I feel amazing.

While I’m not as ‘lucky’ as I was as a teen, I know I’m still relatively lucky.  I can bounce back pretty fast, and I feel so much better when I’m in a good groove of eating healthy and working out.  It’s to the point where when I ‘cheat’, I feel awful immediately – the perfect deterrent!  Seeing Coach Petrina‘s regular posts on Facebook and hers and others’ comments on various posts helps incredibly with keeping me motivated and giving me tips and pointers on how to improve my workouts.  I print many of the inspirational photos and tape them to the wall of our workout area, and they really get me through the times when I’m unmotivated.

I am much more empowered now.  I have to work for my body and health and I prefer my current muscle definition way more than the skin and bones I once was!  I also fully appreciate the message that it sends my children.  They see me exercising daily, working with them to eat healthy and they now exercise with me.  I was never privy to the fitness world as a youth, so I’m happy that my kids are getting the message early on.

So, thanks Coach P for your inspiration, support and keep on keepin’ on!” -Jessica B.


Kaycie’s Story:

“I purchased the ChaLean Extreme Challenge Pack in March which includes Shakeology. I enjoy working out at home in my own space in the evenings!! I can see results but would like bigger results so I’m thinking that TurboFire is next on the list to tackle!! In the beginning I would drink Shakeology everyday; lately I haven’t been as great with it as I am always on the go. I have learned to pack snacks and eat smaller, healthier meals throughout the day rather than 3 large meals. Since starting this program I have a lot more energy and am a lot less tired which has been a gripe of mine for a long time! I don’t post much in Petrina’s Facebook Group message board but I do read it daily and get a lot of ideas and understanding that others are in the same place. They are trying just as hard as I am to change our lives to be more healthy, active and happy with ourselves! Petrina is amazing; she answers any questions you have quickly and honestly. Her coaching is extremely encouraging and supportive anytime someone asks questions or is frustrated you have the answer along with an article or study to back it up! Even though I don’t post much I really enjoy reading others posts and get encouragement from that! Thanks for all you do! :)”


Laura’s Story:

“After having 2 sweet baby boys back to back (15 months apart), I walked out of the hospital December of 2010 at 170 pounds and around asize 10.    After a few months of enjoying my new bundle of joy it wastime for momma to take action.  I was thoroughly disgusted with myself as I was still wearing maternity clothes after having my baby.  I felt horrible, no energy and was in a downward spiral still eating for two!  I bought Insanity and did the first round in February 2011.  I lost 22 pounds.  (down to 148).  AWESOME!

However that first round only took care of the EXTRA fluff I gained with baby #2.  Still not satisfied, I decided to do another round of Insanity but this time I signed up with a group on Team Beachbody to keep me motivated.  This is where I met Petrina.  The group was awesome. And still is!  So nice to have others to share in the pain and keep me going.  I finished that round on Thanksgiving of 2011 and lost another 12 pounds (down to 136).

I decided to do one more round at New Years with one group member.  That round I really stuck to the diet and started using the protein shakes.  I am now down to 125 pounds and holding.  I have started doing Les MillsPUMP to build more muscle and I mix in Insanity for the cardio.  I hope to do a round of Insanity: The Asylum with the group come fall. I have also been doing protein shakes too.  Mostly I fill my plate with veggies, drink lots of water.  My ONLY vice is Coffee with Hazelnut creamer.

The keys to my success: First realizing LIFE Happens.  Kids get sick, parties with high calorie food, work stress, etc..  It’s how you pick yourself back up and keep going that keeps your weight in check. Have a group of people to keep you accountable.  And watch what you eat!” 


Lisa’s Story:

“I met Coach Petrina on Sparkpeople last fall and I’ve been taking her advice and have been motivated by her ever since. She created a hybrid program of TurboFire  and ChaLean Extreme for me and she also convinced me to give Les Mills PUMP a shot. So glad I did. I have 2 children, a 4 year old and a 2 year old, it took me almost those 2 years to get the baby weight off, but I’ve been maintaining within a pound or two  since February. To be honest, I haven’t completed any one program yet, I like to dabble in a bit of everything. I do Les MillsPUMP, TurboFire, ChaLean Extreme,  all the while working on my running and also stroller fit classes. At most, I work out for about an hour six days a week. My diet is moderately good, total foodie here. I also love the Chocolate and Vegan Tropical Strawberry Shakeology. I started on the Shakeology November of last year, I even got my military husband on it because a quick healthy meal that is also delicious is always a good thing. I would have to say my fave recipe is the Butterfinger and there’s a Peanut Butter Cheesecake one that I do. Cheesecake sugar-free Jello mix, peanut butter and milk. Yummy!

I don’t really do pictures, EVER, and I try to avoid the scale, but I can say that I went from about a 14/16 right after I had my youngest and now I’m in a 6. My husband tells me that I’m fitter and have more muscle now at 150 than I ever did at 135, before I got pregnant with my oldest. I feel better too. I’m still a work in progress, but I feel pretty good about the way I look now.

Petrina really is a great Coach, she has helped me a lot. Especially when motivation is lacking. Her fit tips of the day, what is working for her as far as diet and exercise, etc… are great. I’m pretty self-motivated, but it definitely doesn’t hurt having someone with you that has been where you are.

So, long story short, at the very beginning of my weight loss journey, 8 years ago, my weight was at 225 ish and now I’m about 150. That’s after 2 babies.”


Kristina’s Story:

“I am a very busy mom of 2 and work full time.  After I had my son 3 years ago, I became very lazy and had no motivation whatsoever. In effect I did not end up losing much weight and even wound up gaining some. In Aug 2011,  I knew I needed to do something but what???  I found the Insanity workout from Team Beachbody, I thought I can do that- I used to be that fit athletic gal!  I gave it a whirl and sure enough this lazy mom turned into a fit and slimmer mom within 2 months! I lost about 30lbs, and was amazed I felt more energetic than I had in a very long time! It felt great that I had accomplished this especially before our Florida trip in Oct 2011. My 7 year old was impressed with Mom as well and that made me feel great! I loved the Team Beachbody website! I kept track daily of my workouts and it felt great to see the progress too. I had a Coach assigned to me but never had much contact with him.

I started another round of Insanity in November and got up to month 2 when I injured my wrist.  =(  I was pretty bummed – my Doctor told me I had to stop.  I wore a wrist brace for over a month since I had torn a tendon in my wrist. I started again in Feb. 2012, and rocked out a month, then in March 2012 I got my husband (who is a Big guy) to join me and we had our nightly workouts together.

In spring of 2012,  I met Coach Petrina online through Facebook. I saw how motivated she was about becoming a better, more fit person herself. I also saw her progress and was amazed-  she made me feel like I could do this too so I switched to have her as my Coach and am so glad I did! I had a motivator!  Shortly after, I decided that I wanted to help people become more aware of how they can better themselves as well, with Beachbody products so I took the leap of faith and joined Team Beachbody as a Coach in May 2012.  She keeps us on our toes and always gives us the motivation we need when we need it!  When I’m stumped or need a push I know I can shoot her a line and she will try to help me with whatever- whether it’s fitness or growing my business!” –Kristina Tegethoff is an Independent Team Beachbody Coach- want to work with Kristina? Check out her Beachbody store here!


Heather’s Story:

I have just completed the Beachbody Ultimate Reset program.  Coach Petrina suggested it to me after I emailed her in desperation to try to start losing weight and being healthy again.  It was a blessing.  I feel better than I have in years.  I am sleeping better.  I get up without an alarm clock most days.  I am happier and feel better about myself.  The Ultimate Reset really is just that- it was like a new beginning.  And it accomplished exactly what I had hoped.  I lost about 14 lbs, and reminded myself I am capable of doing it.  I am also motivated to keep eating this way so I will still feel as good.
I am now going back to the gym and using Shakeology.  The only reason I am not availing myself of the other Beachbody at home workout programs is that I live in a 3rd floor apartment above a sensitive downstairs neighbor.  And I have to work out first thing in the morning.  I have the most energy then and it works best with my schedule. 
I look forward to being a party of Beachbody and thank Coach Petrina for her continued support and encouragement!

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