Getting Started: Set Healthy & Realistic Goals!

  When I first began my weight loss journey, I simply wanted to help my sister out as she needed a support & accountability buddy through the Atkins program.  I didn’t even set a goal until after I had lost about 30 pounds – and I rather randomly chose 150 just because it sounded like a good number.  After incorporating exercise into the mix, I now weigh less than my goal weight and do not look like a twig thanks to lean muscle.

Pulling a number out of a hat is not the best way to come up with a goal weight.  A good way to start the process of goal setting is to determine your body frame and figure out what a healthy weight range would be given your body type and height.  HealthCentral has a good calculator you can use to determine a good healthy weight you can set your goal weight to be!

Your goals shouldn’t just be focused on the number you see on the scale- or the size clothes you want to be wearing. Make sure you also focus on how you’re feeling, your energy  & fitness level, your blood pressure & cholesterol levels. Hitting non-weight related goals can be MORE fulfilling than seeing a certain number on your scale appear.  Yes, hitting my goal weight of 150 was an exciting moment for me, but it didn’t give me near the same level of lasting satisfaction that it did when I ran my first 5K, was able to do push-ups without having to be on my knees, learned that my cholesterol levels had significantly been reduced- and that I could indeed complete a full marathon!  Me- a former couch potato!

Setting goals can help keep you on track.  Mini-goals are great for this purpose so you can celebrate the small milestones you make that will lead to bigger changes.  Rather than rewarding yourself with bad foods, opt for non-food rewards such as new clothes, a day at the salon, a night at the movies- something that you would enjoy!  A smart idea to save for this type of reward is to have a jar on hand where you’d add a dollar to it every time you work out and/or every day you stay on track nutritionally.

Having trouble imagining yourself reaching your goals?  Visualize them!   Imagine how you would feel reaching each of your goals.  To help you envision what you would look like at your goal weight, try this Virtual Weight Loss Simulator for Women or this Virtual Weight Loss Simulator  for Men.  Enter in your current weight, goal weight and personalize your model.  Save the image of you at goal, print and put it on your refrigerator!   I played around with this to come up with an animated version of me sporting a swimsuit since I could not find any of me while I was 240.


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