Hey Hey Hey It's my Team Beachbody Birthday!

Four years ago today I made the leap into Team Beachbody Coaching.

It was a rather whimsical, spur of the moment thing ~ having already done P90X to get (almost!) back into pre-pregnancy shape, I knew Beachbody programs worked. After basically being dared into doing Insanity by my husband (dang that infomercial!), I thought, hey, why not sign up as a Coach and get the 25% discount and see what happens? I wasn’t dreaming of “easy” money, wasn’t sure whether I’d ever be comfortable with selling the products. I had tried my hat at sales before and *sucked* royally at it. But…in the back of mind I thought, “what if?” What if I could help inspire others to keep pushing play every day? What if I could make enough money to help pay some bills and NOT have to go back to work?

What if I could enjoy every milestone, nearly every smile staying at home with our youngest (then 3 years old)? What if I could work from home on my own schedule doing something I had grown to love? As someone who KNEW what it was like to struggle with my weight (hey I did top 240 pounds at one point), it was nice to show others that it could be done. You could lose weight WITHOUT starving yourself or busting your butt at the gym with a Jillian Michaels wannabe. What if I could shine a light for others down the path to better fitness?  Wouldn’t THAT be something?

So I signed up with a happy (and secretly hopeful) heart. I sent out an email to friends & family giddily announcing that I was now a Coach.

A few days later I wanted to quit.

One of the friends I sent that happy email wound up writing a SCATHING op-ed piece that pretty much cut me to the core a few days after I hit sent on the email. She labeled coaches (and other members of various health & fitness network marketing businesses) as “fitness pirates” and criticized the very programs that I (and hundreds of thousands of others) have used to great success. At first, I was pissed. Then, I was hurt. And then- I thought about quitting. Is this what EVERYONE thought of me and my products?

I’m not one to tolerate judgment & criticism very well. It’s probably why I opted out of my childhood dream of acting. Rejection is a sting I’ll do nearly anything to avoid.

Stepping back & critically thinking reassured me of my choice to sign on. Digging in & learning more I recognized this wasn’t a “pyramid scheme.” I talked to others, heard firsthand accounts of people’s whose lives had changed by working with a Coach. That personal touch- that link to reliable support & accountability- can make such a profound difference in whether someone sticks to the promise they’ve made to themselves…to eat smarter & move more. To be all-around healthier for themselves & their family.

And I knew our programs were no joke. There are no promises of quick & easy. You’ve got to WORK to get results.

Of course, it didn’t hurt too that I was seeing AND feeling noticeable results just a few days into Insanity.

Flash forward to day 61 when I finished the program and BOOM~ I was down 14 pounds, 2 pant sizes, 11 inches and decreased my bodyfat by 6%. 

I earned my first paycheck as a Coach after sharing my Insanity before & afters!

Since that week in October, there’s never been a month where I haven’t brought income to our home with my Beachbody coaching business. But Coaching has given me so much more than a paycheck these past 4 years…

Coaching has allowed me to be a work-from-home Mom – able to send off kids to school and smile when they got home, bring them lunches for surprise visits, read in their school room, be their nurse when sick, chaperone field trips all without stressing about missing time at work.

Thanks to Success Club perks, I’ve been whisked away to awesome with awesome sauce trips to Disney World, a Caribbean cruise and a romantic getaway to a Cancun resort – all thanks to Team Beachbody. My daughter had all her Disney princess dreams fulfilled, we kissed a dolphin and Jon & I ziplined through a Mexican jungle. 

I’ve made phenomenal friendships with not only my clients but also other Coaches- all over the United States and Canada- and I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing other friendships blossom throughout Challenge Groups I’ve hosted. 

I’ve been able to meet, thank and HUG the trainers who’ve inspired me to grit it on out in our garage day after day (how amazeballs is that????).

I get first dibs at each new workout program that comes out and get them at a 25% discount. 

My confidence level has SOARED these past 4 years. I’m happier, healthier and more comfortable speaking my truth than I ever have been in my life. Coaching introduced me to the wonderful world of personal development~and I’m a much better person because of it.

Last but not least, I’ve had the pleasure of serving over 1,000 others throughout their own health & fitness transformations. I’ve happy danced in my office more times than I can count when getting a call, PM or text from a client letting me know when they hit a certain goal or experience an NSV (that’s “non-scale victory” in case you didn’t know- and it’s awesome!). 

 Coaching’s not easy- but it’s so worth it!

People have a gazillion excuses they cling to when it comes to fitness. And we don’t sell easy. Pitching folks on a program where they actually have to make changes in their lifestyle to reap rewards- well, in a world where everyone’s looking for a magic pill or potion or gizmo, it complicates things.

It can be exhausting listening to a litany of excuses (or in some cases just pointless whining). And yes, you’ll get your share of folks like the above-mentioned “friend” who’ll mislabel you as a pawn in a pyramid scheme. It comes with the territory in network marketing.

But you know what makes it all worth it? That thrill you’ll get when someone you’ve inspired and motivated shares their stories with you, their before, durings and afters, their non-scale victories, the fact that they’re off blood pressure medication & can now run around with their kids or grandkids.

That thrill is PRICELESS and it never gets old. No matter how times you get it, it still feels as fresh & new & wonderful as that first time when you realize- hey, I can have a positive impact on someone else’s life. Just by sharing what’s worked with me and supporting them through the stumbling blocks that life throws your way.

Coaching is so much more than a weekly paycheck, so much more than really cool trips to exciting places. It’s paying it forward in a tremendously meaningful & lasting way. If you’re doing it right, you’re not just selling someone on a program~ you’re there to support & motivate them throughout their journey.

And you know what? In fitness, there is no finish line. I plan on being there for my customers all.the.freaking.way.

I’m a lifer. Here’s to 90 more Beachbody Birthdays.


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