Summer is upon us and for many this means VACATION.  Time away from home, whether it be for business or pleasure, often means inactivity and weight gain.  It does NOT have to be this way.  It is possible to stay on track with your health & fitness while on the road.  It does take time, effort and planning but if you don’t want to bring home an additional 5-10 pounds as a souvenir from your trip, it’ll be time & effort well spent.  Here’s the steps I took on my recent business trip to the Buffet Capital of the World that helped me avoid packing on the pounds.


Beware the well-stocked buffet!

Healthy fuel for the ride

Healthy fuel for the ride

1.  Pack healthy snacks.  Whether you’re traveling by plane, train or automobile, make sure to have some healthy snack options ready and easily accessible. Think raw nuts, fresh or dried fruits, baby carrots or whole grain crackers to name a few.  When you have these options handy, it may help quell the siren song of the Cinnabon at the airport during a layover or stop you from making a dangerous detour to the Golden Arches while on the road.

vegasdinner2.  Try to book a room with a kitchenette.  Just like at home, preparing  your own foods can save you a TON of calories (and probably a lot of cash as well).  I purposely chose a room in the MGM Signature, rather than the MGM Grand just so I could have access to a mini-stove and refrigerator so I could prepare my own meals.

At the very least, request a refrigerator for your room.  You can stock it with water bottles, salad fixings and nitrite-free deli meats.    I enjoyed my favity fave breakfast of Shakeology made with almond milk, frozen cherries & almond,  turkey sandwiches with sprouted grain breads for lunch and made use of the single pot in the kitchenette by cooking up some chicken breast tenderloins with a packet of brown rice & quinoa served alongside some fresh baby spinach with blueberries.   No sinful buffet binge eating for this gal in Vegas!

You can't go wrong with whole foods!

You can’t go wrong with whole foods!

3.  Buy groceries, not fast food!  Right in line with #1, I opted to purchase whole foods from a grocer so I wouldn’t need to rely on overpriced fast foods.  Don’t have a car?  See if a nearby grocer delivers or have your cabbie/shuttle service do a quick drop at a grocery store on your way to the hotel.  Thankfully, Von’s delivers groceries to Strip hotels in Vegas. I placed my order 2 weeks before my trip and had my groceries delivered to the hotel.

Bonus: delivery was free with a $49 purchase & I also scored a free big case of bottled water for placing my order the same day I registered on the Von’s website.  I love me some freebies.


Coach Petrina is in there sweating it up somewhere!

4.  Don’t skip out on working out. Yes, if you’re on vacation with your family, some serious rest & relaxation is in order.  But you don’t need to spend 24/7 resting and relaxing. Set aside at least 20 minutes of physical activity – whether it’s a quick circuit workout in a hotel gym, running up and down the stairs, or a run on the beach, go on and get your sweat on!

You could even make it a family affair and do a game of tag or flag football.   For our annual beach vacation, I’ll pack a small DVD player and something from our home workout program collection.  I’ll be spending 25 minutes of quality time with Shaun T. & Focus T25 when we’re enjoying our time on Captiva Island later this month.  While in Vegas, I was lucky enough to be able to participate in a scheduled group workout led by Shaun T., Tony Horton, Chalene Johnson, Dan Cohen, Rach Newsham, Debi Siebers and Leandro Carvalho- along with over 7,000 other fitness enthusiasts.  The perks of being a Beachbody Coach!


Keep the junk out of the trunk while away!

5.  Don’t expect perfection. Don’t waste time or energy beating yourself up if you indulge a bit while on the road. So long as you don’t spend the entire time away going from bad decision to bad decision, it’s really not a big deal if you enjoy a nice meal out or aren’t able to get your workout in before you fall to bed exhausted at the end of the day. Life happens.

Was I a perfect example of fitness & nutrition fortitude while in Vegas?  Nope.  I skipped out an early morning Les Mills Combat workout due to fatigue.  I also enjoyed a delish brownie at a White Party (brownies and free food are 2 of my greatest weeknesses- find it hard to resist either) and a Happy Meal when there was a delay in my grocery delivery & hunger got the better of me.  Having a brownie and skipping a workout aren’t going to lead to a 5 pound weight gain- but a week’s worth of these things likely will.

Do you have any tips for avoiding vacation/business trip weight gain? Don’t keep them to yourself! Share in the comments below.




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