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Insanity Results: Does Insanity Really Work?

Wondering if you can get the same Insanity results as the people on infomercials? So did I. I was skeptical…and more than a bit scared to even try.  I mean, even though I had managed to lose 90 pounds by changing my diet and finally getting into a healthy weight range, exercise was still a dreaded chore.  After all, I was the girl who hated gym class. Like so much so I would purposely “forget” my gym clothes to avoid having to participate.  I did not like to break a sweat. I did not like to even get one step out of my comfort zone.  I would whine all the way to the gym and opt for the least challenging group workout offered.

Let’s face it- you don’t get to tip the scales at 240 pounds as a 5’6 female when you’re a workout freak.

While channel surfing one night, I became transfixed by an Insanity infomercial.  I marveled at the fact that even these super-fit looking people looked as if they were struggling to keep up.   I was both intrigued and horrified.  I turned to my husband and said, “I could never do that!”  He then dared me to try.  Since I’m hard pressed to resist a dare, it was on like Donkey Kong.

My quest for the best Insanity results I could achieve  began with me checking my ego, signing up as a Coach for the discount & ordering both Insanity & Shakeology.


My Insanity Results: Transformation Video

I was AMAZED by my Insanity results!

In just two short months, I had become leaner, stronger & improved my cardiovascular endurance by leaps & bounds.  I wound up crushing my Personal Best in a 5K and having to buy new clothes since I had dropped 2 full dress sizes.

I was also able to do full on push-ups on my toes FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER.  A huge accomplishment for someone who once struggled to catch her breath when walking up stairs.  I was indeed far stronger than I ever gave myself credit for – digging deep with Insanity showed me how much I was capable of doing.

Soon, others were asking me how I got in such great shape so fast and I was no longer a “Discount Coach” – I was the owner of a thriving home-based fitness business.  Inspired by my results & the fact more & more people were coming to me from help, I studied to become a certified Personal Trainer so I could better coach others to achieve their health & fitness goals. 

insanity results

Insanity Results: Before & After Photos

Insanity Results - Front
Insanity Results - muscle
Insanity Results - back
Insanity Challenge

My Insanity Results earned me a cool t-shirt!

You can’t buy this Insanity t-shirt. You’ve got to earn it by taking the Insanity Challenge. Up for the challenge? Insanity Challenge Packs come complete with the Insanity Workout program and a month’s worth of Shakeology at a discounted bundle price. You’ll also get Coaching from yours truly and the simple to follow and highly effective Elite Nutrition Guide. If you want to get the absolute BEST Insanity results, invest in a Challenge Pack. Click on the button below to save big. 

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Or, if you want to get REALLY crazy like I did & you’re already a fitness enthusiast or professional, sign up to become a Coach.  You can choose the Insanity Challenge Pack at sign-up and get your Coach Starter Fee of $40 waived.  This way, you’ll earn a 25% commission on all sales you make- and be able to help others achieve their own health & fitness goals. You can also earn amazing trips! I’ve been able to meet & workout IN PERSON with Shaun T. in Las Vegas, Walt Disney World and on a spectacular Caribbean cruise.  

BONUS TIP: Buy a Challenge Pack when you sign up as a Coach and you’ll get your Coach Starter Fee of $40 waived- making for an even sweeter deal.  Get amazing Insanity results as a Coach and you’ll wind up inspiring others to get their own amazing Insanity Results.   Need questions answered before you commit? Email me at coachpetrina@yahoo.com.  Ready right now to get started? Just click on link below.

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