Is brown rice gluten free?

After posting about going gluten free on a budget, a few folks messaged me with the simple question “is brown rice gluten free?” so I decided to shoot a video that not only answered this question BUT also detailed what my favorite brown rice products are- check it out below!

Brown rice IS naturally gluten free!

So is white rice for that matter! Just make sure you buy pure rice with no added seasonings…or look for certified gluten free on the label in case of rice mixes. Seasonings and/or thickening agents may contain gluten.

For those with celiac disease or severe gluten intolerance/allergy, be aware of potential for cross-contamination when cooking or when dining out. Rice can get contaminated if it comes into contact with gluten. Leftover gluten molecules can leach onto rice from bowls, plates or utensils.

My favorite brown rice products to serve as a side dish are:

Annie Chun’s Maifun brown rice noodles

I love love love these served up with diced chicken & avocado and topped with a few splashes of coconut aminos.

Are these brown rice noodles gluten free?


Lundberg’s Brown Short Grain Rice

Keeping it simple- even my picky pants husband enjoys this brown rice. Think brown rice tastes like cardboard? Think again and give this brand a try!

Is this brown rice gluten free?


Lundberg’s California White Jasmine Rice

Perfect companion for most Asian dishes. This will come out like delicious sticky rice. So good! Try it with my Gluten Free Crockpot Sesame Chicken!

Is this rice gluten free?


Lundberg’s Roasted Brown Rice Couscous

Quick & easy- two of my favorite things when cooking. Add gluten free certified spices and some sea salt to this while cooking and you’ll have perfection.

Is this brown rice couscous gluten free?


Rice Select Royal Blend with Flaxseed

Super tasty made with a variety of grains. Kind of nutty in a spectacular way.

Is this rice blend gluten free?

NO! Don’t buy this type of rice blend if you have celiac disease or a gluten intolerance/allergy as it DOES contain gluten.

You may be able to find the Rice Select and some of the Lundberg’s varieties at Super Target. I’ve seen certain Lundberg’s rice at neighborhood grocery stores. The couscous can be harder to find- I buy this at EarthFare. Anytime you have difficulty finding a product at your nearby grocers, try looking for it online or at Amazon.

Hope you find this helpful! If you have a favorite brand of rice or recipe to share, please do so in the comments below.

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