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Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler & I

Whether your passion is helping people get fit, making a little extra money, or being your own boss, becoming a Team Beachbody Coach offers unlimited opportunities.  I first signed on as a Coach on September 9, 2011.  In the span of just one year, I’ve been amazed at all the positive changes I’ve experienced- and witnessed in others I’ve had the opportunity to Coach.  Coaching has improved my life in so many ways- personally, financially, emotionally and physically.

Reason #1 to Coach: Get Fitter & Save Money!

When I first lost ninety pounds several years ago, I did so by cracking down on my diet alone.  As soon as I became active after the weight loss, I began slacking on my nutrition (figuring hey, I’m working out hard, I can eat what I want!).  Even while doing the P90X  & TurboFire programs after the birth of our youngest child in 2008, I neglected to follow the accompanying nutrition plans – so it’s no wonder I didn’t get back to 150 pounds (my lowest weight after doing Induction level Atkins back in 2004-2005).  I chalked it up my post-baby body, but had a nagging suspicion I could do better.

Before Coaching & After Coaching

And to make absolutely sure, I decided to give Coaching a try…for how could I tell others to follow a set nutrition plan while doing a workout program if I wasn’t doing the same? I figured Coaching would give me the extra kick in the pants I needed to not only push play everyday, but to make good food choices all day, every day.

And boy did it ever!  Since becoming a Coach, I’ve done a variety of Beachbody workout programs (Insanity, The Asylum, Les Mills PUMP, the Ultimate Reset and a few fun hybrid programs to boot) all the while staying on track nutritionally & drinking Shakeology each day- and this has made a HUGE difference in my overall fitness.  I’ve lost 30 pounds, lowered my cholesterol levels significantly (even cutting my triglycerides level nearly in half!!!), lowered my bodyfat percentage by 8.5% and dropped three dress sizes.  I’ve been able to purchase each of these programs & Shakeology at a phenomenal 25%  Coaches discount.

Reason #2: Help people achieve their health & fitness goals

As someone who is a weight loss success story, I have wanted to pay it forward by helping others to do so for quite some time.  Beachbody Coaching has allowed me the opportunity to reach out to people all across the country and beyond.  It’s not just about selling products for me or making a commission- it’s about getting people off to a good start, providing the support & encouragement they need when they hit the rough spots and helping folks identify their weaknesses & find sensible ways to combat these.   Chances are, whatever roadblock you’re hitting or whatever excuse you keep clinging to, I’ve been there and done that.

In my first year of Coaching, I’ve had the pleasure of helping hundreds of people – many of whom have not made a single Beachbody purchase.  My customers and friends inspire me daily and nothing moves me more than hearing of their various accomplishments- whether it be a weight loss, smaller size or the fact that they can now say they’re able to walk a mile or do a full-on push-up.

If you have a sincere desire to help others become happier, healthier and fitter, Beachbody Coaching can allow you to do so on a grand scale.  Beachbody products are well-known, well-liked and, as I and my fellow customers can testify, they WORK!

Reason #3: Earn recognition, rewards & a 25% commission on your sales as a Beachbody Coach!

Team Beachbody rewards its hardest working & most productive Coaches with Customer Leads, Team Bonuses and trips (Success Club and Leadership retreats).  I’m happy to say I earned a trip to Walt Disney World for me and my family (Disney Success Club trip for 2012) by being one of the top two Success Club Point Earners in July.  Top coaches are recognized each week on the National Coach Call.

Coaches and customers who achieve success with their workout programs are also eligible for a $100,000 Grand Prize in the Take the Beachbody Challenge contest!

As a Coach, you’ll receive a 25% commission on all sales you make.  Build a team of Coaches and your earnings can increase with Team Cycle Bonuses.  I’ve seen my average weekly earnings increase significantly over the course of a year.   I get paid to get fit and help others do the same! How cool is that???

Reason #4: Make great friendships & get support and advice from other established Coaches

You’d think it would be pretty cut-throat & competitive environment, given there are so many Team Beachbody Coaches out there, but I’ve found most Coaches to be a pretty supportive bunch!  I’ve formed dozens of close friendships with other Team Beachbody Coaches across the country- all passionate, spirited and more than happy to provide support, encouragement and advice when needed.  I had the pleasure of attending Summit (Team Beachbody’s annual Coach conference) where I not only got to meet my favorite trainers (Shaun T, Tony Horton, Chalene Johnson and most of the Les Mills PUMP team), but also hundreds of other Coaches. We exchanged stories, business cards and plenty of hugs.

I have been particularly blessed to be a part of an AMAZING upline- which has made ALL the difference in my personal and professional development as a Coach. The training tools offered are top-notch.  It’s an incredible experience to be surrounded by a team of folks who are so passionate and committed to one common cause – ending the trend of obesity.

Reason #5: You’re the Boss!

When you sign up to become a Beachbody Coach, you are the BOSS of your own small business.  You set your own hours.  You’re able to qualify for certain tax deductions with your business (see your accountant for guidance).  It is YOUR business.  Whether you’re just looking to sell occasionally to friends who’ve asked about how you’ve lost weight and become more fit or you want to grow a thriving business by devoting several hours a day, it is YOUR call.  You don’t have to sweat shipping or inventory –  Beachbody handles all of this. There are no quotas to keep.   Beachbody Coaching is as low-stress, low-cost as you can get for setting up your own home-based business.

Want to learn more?  Email me at coachpetrina@yahoo.com. If you like, we can set up a phone or Skype conference where I’ll answer any questions you may have.

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