Aren’t Low Impact Exercises Just for Wimps?

low impact exercises

Low impact isn’t just for crybabies

A client recently called in a panic, afraid that she was going to completely rob herself of getting ANY results from Insanity MAX:30 since she was having to modify most of the moves to low impact. This set me off on a bit of a rant in defense of low impact exercises & the people who do them. Let me break it down for you…

Going low impact is NOT an act of cowardice. In fact, it’s the SMART thing to do when you have certain knee issues or just aren’t ready to go full-on high impact.  You will STILL get a great workout in so long as you bring the intensity & the focus (and are bringing the same level of focus to your daily nutrition).  

I go low impact at times. Not to get too TMI on you, but certain plyo & jump moves remind me quite vividly that I’m a card carrying 2 time member of the natural childbirth club so I avoid them whenever possible. I’ll spare you any more details just because we’re not that GOOD of friends yet. 😉 But if you too are a card carrying member of the Childbirth Club, YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT. 

Other times, I need to go low impact on certain Shaun T. craziness just because I’m not quite coordinated enough to move opposing limbs at the same time. And that’s a-0kay. He’s still kicking my ass. I’m still working myself to a sweaty exhausted mess. 

Even when my pacing is slower on plyo moves or I’m switching over to low impact, I use that as an opportunity to focus more on my form (something that’s easier to do when you’re not jumping around like a jackrabbit). And, that my friends, is never a bad thing.

As someone who DOES have to modify from time to time, I’m thankful that our newest home workout programs (P90X3, 21 Day Fix, Focus T25 ) all feature low impact modifications for the moves! Better still, that our latest & greatest Insanity MAX:30 has an option where you can actually SEE the modifier at ALL times throughout the videos. Yep, I ain’t too proud to admit to pressing play on the Modifier Track for MAX:30.

Don’t be afraid to modify folks.  Low impact isn’t just for wimps and you’ll STILL get results from a program doing the modified moves. Just promise me you’ll not only listen to your body when it’s telling you to modify, but also when it’s saying, “hey girl, you can PUSH harder!! Go for plyo!”  

If you need to modify, say it loud and proud in the comments. No judgments here!


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