Meet Petrina

From Couch Potato to Fitness Professional…

My passion is helping others make fit work in a crazy busy world.  I know from experience that it ain’t easy!  Once upon a time, I tipped the scales at 240 pounds.  I was a stressed to the max single Mom living on fast food, soda and plenty of TV time.

After a little over a year cracking down on my nutrition, I lost 90 pounds. It took me awhile after that to get hooked on exercise (hey, I was the girl who would purposely forget her gym clothes to avoid participating in gym class!), but once I did, I found myself more confident, energetic, and happy- and I hit the 100 pound weight loss mark to boot!

If I can do it, so can YOU.  I’m a mom to 4 in a happily blended family who’s constantly shuttling kids around, managing a household and a business- and wondering whether I’ll ever finish up the never-ending story that is our laundry.

My job is helping others achieve their health & fitness goals, mentoring other fitspired folks as they build their own home-based businesses and showing other fitness professionals how to expand their client base well outside the place they call home.  When you’re ready to work, I want to help you write your own success story.

Curious about my credentials? I’m a former ACE Certified Personal Trainer and independent Team Beachbody Coach who’s helped hundreds achieve their health & fitness goals.  But most impressively, I have been dubbed the “Queen of Fitness” by our 6 year old daughter.  😎

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