Can’t eat just one Cheeto? Read on.

If you’ve ever once tried to lose weight or clean up your diet, chances are you’ve heard the phrase “everything in moderation!” thrown out quite a bit, or one of its variations (i.e. “oh come on, a little bit of cake ain’t gonna kill you!”) or you’ve preached it yourself.  “I’ll just have one cookie.”  You’ve clung to the belief that completely restricting a certain food or indulgence would be a dietary disaster.  If you’re one of the people who can practice moderation with ease, well then stop reading right here and continue on in your blissfully moderated state.  This little blog post is for those who aren’t so fortunate, for the ones who can’t leave it at just one little bit of cake or one single cookie or a handful of chips, or whatever your food vice may be- this is for the food addicts out there.  Let us have our own little FA meeting right here, right now.  I’ll start.

My name is Petrina and I’m a sugar junkie.  If I have a bite of something sweet, chances are I’ll wait until no one’s looking and then stuff my face with whatever sugary treat is left around.  The pleasure centers in my brain go all abuzz at one single nibble.  For people like me, moderation is an impossibility.  We can’t just have a little. We want more, more, more and will do nearly anything to get it.  Just like any other addict out there- alcoholics, heroin, sex, you name it.  Like the true alcoholic can’t have one sip of alcohol without going on a complete bender, so goes for us and whatever our particular food addiction may be (fat, sugar, salt, fast food, soda  – the list goes on and on).

If you’re reading this and a light bulb is going off in your head, think hard about what specific foods trigger binges for you.  Then eliminate them from your home.  Even if it’s an item your kids or your partner enjoys.  Seem harsh? Yes. But if you want to stop the cycle of binge eating and weight gain, you’re going to need to take drastic steps.   And if in your heart of hearts, you know that moderation cannot work for you when it comes to certain things- that you can’t stop at just a single bite or serving- recognize that it’s best to completely stop enjoying these things at all.

And I’m off my soapbox for today. Want to join in on this FA meeting? Chime in with what foods you just can’t enjoy in moderation.   Know it, own it, control it.

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