spaghettioVery few things get me more riled up than misleading labels.  And this is a PRIME example.  How in the world do food manufacturers get away with slapping the term “Healthy” on a can of SpaghettiO’s with meatballs?  Have you ever read the ingredients list on this craptacular can of junk?  It comes complete with soy protein concentrate, “beef flavor” (there’s a riddle for you- what’s flavoring the beef flavor?), high fructose corn syrup, enzyme modified butter and bottomed out with 3 different types of acids.  It boasts of providing your child with 20% of their daily recommended vegetable servings but the only vegetables included are tomato puree and carrot juice concentrate-not exactly the most nutrient dense and beneficial to your health kind of vegetables.

Walk through the center aisles of any grocery store these days and you’re bound to find dozens upon dozens of other labels that deceive you into thinking you’re shopping healthy.  Don’t let yourself be fooled!  Take the time to read the ingredients list to know what’s in your food.   Check the sodium content, the sugars, the saturated fat- and note the portion sizes as well (especially when it comes to cereal, cookies and crackers).  Chances are the manufacturer’s idea of a portion size is probably half of what the typical American eats.   Be aware of how you’re feeding your body.

Better still, generally stay away from those center aisles with the notable exception of pastas, rice and beans and do the majority of your shopping on the periphery of the store.  That’s usually where the healthiest food is- fruits, vegetables, lean meats- fresh, whole foods that don’t need to boast about it with an attractive label or sticker.

Do you or your kids love SpaghettiO’s and can’t bear the thought of going without?  Find a recipe you can make at home.   It took me all of two seconds to find this gem of a recipe courtesy of Google.  I’m going to give it a go since our kids love the stuff.  And you won’t need high fructose corn syrup, enzyme modified butter and all sorts of other hard to pronounce chemicals and additives to make it.  Will it take time and effort? Yes.  But you’ll come up with enough servings to last a while (probably even enough to freeze later).  I’d recommend serving it up with steamed veggies on the side for good measure.  😎


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