quest-protein-chips-reviewQuest Protein Chips just (and I mean JUST) arrived to our nearby GNC store. I had been wondering whether these little baked snacks would live up to the Quest promise of “completely changing the chip game!” so I gleefully picked up a bag during my trip.

I mean, how could I NOT get excited about a crunchy, salty snack that packed a whopping 21 grams of protein in a 120 calorie serving size? Check out these nutrition facts and tell me you’re not impressed. I dare you.
I ponied up the $2.24 for a single serving size bag of the Salt & Vinegar flavor and decided to try them for the first time along with my salt & vinegar chip lovin’ son to see if he’d find them tasty. As someone who strives to make healthier choices (and has learned to even appreciate kale), I know my palate might be more forgiving of any weirdness in taste that typically comes along when a food manufacturer tries to take the guilt out of our guiltier food pleasures- so I wanted to provide folks with a more average American kind of viewpoint.

You can watch our initial impression & see the full Quest Protein Chips review here:

Final verdict: Quest Protein Chips earned 2 half thumbs from us

Why a half thumb? I couldn’t commit to a full thumbs down given the nutrition facts. Spencer didn’t commit to a full thumbs down because the salt & vinegar flavor did shine through- he just didn’t think it tasted enough like a chip to warrant a thumbs up.

Those who are used to some weirdness & differences in taste when foods are “healthified,” likely won’t mind the difference in taste and texture. I suspect these kind of folks (aka my kind of people) would gladly accept the trade-off of taste modifications in favor of the nutritional payoff. I mean I wouldn’t have even thought it would be possible to craft a protein-loaded, low carbohydrate version of a potato chip.

What do you think? Have you tried Quest Protein Chips?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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