The big surprise announcement at Summit 2015 was the release of Shakeology Boosts ~ three different add-ons that you can use separately or together to customize your shake for your own specific needs. Whether you need a boost in energy, a way to increase your veggies intake without having to choke down a giant salad or improve your digestive health (or want to do all 3!), Shakeology Boosts will power up your shake.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, these Boosts can be used with ANY beverage so if you want to pop ’em into a different brand of shake or just plain ol’ water- that’s your call; keep in mind they were designed to tastes best paired with Shakeology.

True confession time: I came into Nashville hoping for a new vegan flavor (vanilla or greenberry would have been lovely), so I’ve got to admit to being far less than ecstatic over the news of Shakeology Boosts. Let’s be honest here ~ the healthiest meal of the day on its own isn’t cheap. So why on earth would I want to pay more for a “boost?” I opted against standing in line with hundreds of others for first dibs on Beachbody’s latest product.

After sleeping on it and wanting to have another peek at all the goodies in the CORE the next day, I took a closer look at the Digestive Health Boost. As someone who does ultra low carb from time to time, I’m no stranger to fiber supplements. They can be a necessary tool to keep things moving along when you’re on a ULC diet. The label impressed me. I’ve never seen a fiber supplement containing both soluble and insoluble fiber. Extra super bonus points for not having to take a yucky chewable or deal with added sugar to get my fiber in. I was sold! I picked up a jar and tried it out as soon as I returned home.

Want to hear my take on Digestive Health (and learn more about the 2 other Boosts: Focused Energy and Power Greens)? Check out my full video review below…

Long & short of it: Two thumbs up from me when it comes to Shakeology Boost Digestive Health. 😉 It didn’t change the taste or texture of my vegan Chocolate Shakeology AND kept me fuller longer! Sweet.

Want healthier poops?                                                                                  Click here for a Fiber Boost!

Need a pick me up without a heap of caffeine and/or sugar?            Click here for an Energy boost!

Hate veggies but know you need more kale & spinach in your life? Click here for a Greens boost!

Each Boost has 20 servings per tub. All are gluten free, certified organic, certified GMO free and kosher. Whee!

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