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Shakeology Price: The Lowdown on How Much Shakeology Costs

If you’re researching Shakeology, chances are you might be either suffering sticker shock or spotting what you think might be a super deal on the Healthiest Meal of the Day. Out of curiosity, I checked out EBay tonight and was shocked to see there were 10 interested Watchers on a Buy It Now auction item that offers the SAME EXACT SHAKEOLOGY PRICE you can find through a Team Beachbody Coach…but without the extra safety of the Bottom of the Bag guarantee or support of a Team Beachbody Coach.  There are even ways you can lower the Shakeology price – even by as much as over 50% off standard retail!  Want the details on how you can get the lowest Shakeology price?  Read on…

Standard Retail Shakeology Price is $129.95

If you opt for Auto-Ship, you’ll also pay just $2 in shipping.   You can cancel auto-ship at any time with a simple phone call or email to Team Beachbody Customer Service. You’ll often find it offered for the same price (or maybe a bit lower) on auction sites.  And you won’t know for sure if you’re getting the authentic product. The only way you can get the real deal is by ordering through a Team Beachbody Coach. For reals.  Click HERE to order

Shakeology Price for club members is $116.95

Team Beachbody Club Members get a 10% discount on all Team Beachbody purchases.  This is NOT the best way to go unless you’re someone who will take advantage of another Club Membership perk- and that is, simple meal planning. Club members get access to deluxe meal planning services based on goals & nutritional preferences.  Want to become a Club Member?  Click HERE.

Shakeology Price for Team Beachbody Coaches is $97.47

If you’d love to drink Shakeology for the long-term, this is DEFINITELY the way to go. Even if you never intend on selling a thing as a Coach, you’d wind up saving money in the long run (nearly $100 in just 6 months).  Want to have long-term savings on Shakeology and a chance to even basically get it for free if you have 3 of your friends order through you?  Click HERE to sign up as a Coach.

Shakeology Price is RIDICULOUSLY Low when you buy a Challenge Pack!

If you’re serious about losing weight or getting in the best shape of your life, the absolute BEST way to go is to buy a Challenge Pack.  Challenge Packs come complete with your choice of a complete Beachbody program (think P90X, Insanity or 21 Day Fix to name a few) and a month’s worth of Shakeology.  Challenge Pack buyers get both at a discounted bundle price- in some cases where it would be as if you were paying just an extra $60 over the cost of the home workout program for a month’s supply of Shakeology- that’s over HALF OFF!   Check out all the challenge pack options HERE.  Need help picking a program? Email me at

That’s the lowdown for paying the absolute lowest Shakeology price – and getting the added security of the Bottom of the Bag Guarantee AND getting the support of a Team Beachbody Coach.

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