What is the best diet pill?

Are you searching the internet to find out what the best diet pill is or whether diet pills even work? I get asked about diet pills fairly frequently. People wonder if I’ve ever used diet pills while losing 100 pounds or to maintain the weight loss. My thoughts on the best diet pill out there are revealed in this video below…

It should come as no surprise to those who know me well that my answer to the question

“What is the best diet pill?”

is that there is NO best diet pill out there.

The most effective way to lose weight & keep it off is no big secret. It’s eating smarter and moving more. It takes time, effort and yes, patience, especially when you have a lot to lose. Common sense goes a long way and can help save you money! I mean think about it, if there were a diet pill out there that truly worked, that “melted” fat off you with absolutely no change in lifestyle, obesity would no longer be the epidemic that it is.

The weight loss industry makes BILLIONS of dollars – most of which are earned from people’s desperation to lose weight quickly and easily. The only way diet pills work are removing weight from your wallet.

Save your money and start making a solid plan to WORK towards your weight loss. Plan out your meals. Pay attention to portion sizes. Steer clear of highly processed foods & fast food places. Aim to get at least 150 minutes of exercise each week. You don’t need to move mountains or do crazy extreme workouts. A simple walk can do you well.

Need help making a plan? Sign up for FREE fitness coaching with me.  Whatever you wind up doing, please just DON’T waste your money on trying to find the best diet pill or anything that purports to be “quick” or “easy.”  If you read the fine print on diet pills, you’d see that they are to be used in conjunction with diet & exercise.  There is NO magic pill or potion that will make you lose weight fast.  Keep that old adage, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!” in mind when scanning through your local drugstore or seeing diet pill ads pop up on your newsfeed.

Don’t kid yourself.  There is NO best diet pill.  There is NO easy path to weight loss. The magic lies within YOU, not in some “quick fix.”

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